Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer as a Local Part 4

It often feels like summer here is 66% rainy, cloudy days. I don't know how true that is, but it feels that way.
So, when a good day-especially a good weekend day comes along, we make the most of it. Ben has his mental list of hikes in the area that he hopes to accomplish while we live in Garmisch and he's off to a good start so far. He and Storm hiked the Kramerspitz on a lovely Saturday while I had lunch with a dear friend and began my dirndl shopping. Ben K, Andrew and Michelle accompanied Ben and Storm on this tough hike, which proved almost too tough for Storm-which is saying something! In the picture above, she is trying to find her way back to the trail after her "off-roading" attempts didn't quite work out.

Here Storm stopped for a rest-laying in the soft green grass and making everyone wait with her. Ben K didn't mind-he loves Storm. They have bonded when he has graciously house-sat for us on our various trips and she knows she is in good hands when he's around. Ben K has become a good friend to our family-if not Rascal ;)-and we're very sorry to have to say goodbye and send him home to the States. We look forward to seeing him at our small group during the week, at Chapel on Sundays where he leads praise & worship, and around town or when he stops by the house to check in. He is a blessing to our community and a good friend to the Hardy household. Plus, he's a hiking buddy for Ben and Storm!

The view from the peak of the Kramerspitz.

Each peak has a cross marking it...and I like this picture...the cross high above the Alps for all to see.

July brought a wonderful bonus day in which we met up with Darlene B in Innsbruck while she was traveling with a school group. Darlene's daughter and I are good friends and were college roommates. When Darlene would visit Beth, she and I would stay up talking late into the night even after Beth went to sleep. She's my Mom B! Love her and loved seeing her...a taste of home in one of my favorite European cities!

Summer in Garmisch means softball on post. Ben and I joined a co-ed team this year and had a lot of fun and met some great people! Our team started out pretty poorly but made vast improvement by the end of the season and actually became competitive. I was even asked to play on the post-season All Star team, but our game was rained out, so my 28 year dream of making the All Star team was only half-realized. ;) haha

Although I grew up playing softball and even played on a women's league team after college, I had never seen Ben play and was not surprised that his athleticism lent itself to this game! I very much enjoyed watching him and playing with him-sometimes even in the outfield together. His abilities far outweigh mine, but his generosity and sweetness helped give me confidence and enjoy a sport that I never imagined I would play "competitively" again. :) Our team, G-Force, certainly helped to make our summer more memorable and fun!

Ben and I invited two young friends, Victoria and Jacob to hike the Wankspitz with us on a Sunday afternoon...and we conquered this peak together! This is my first (and hopefully not only) major peak and I look at it with pride from the valley, remembering standing on the peak and enjoying the view with tired legs!

My friend Laura and her pup, Bearly, moved back to the States this summer, depriving Storm of her weekly playdate with a well-matched heavyweight and me of a weekly gab session with a wonderful friend.

It took Storm a few weeks to recover from the loss of her best pal...and I hope to see Laura the next time she visits friends in Garmisch. This was a sad goodbye for the Hardy clan.

So ends our first "Summer" in Germany. It wasn't much of a Summer as weather goes-much too much rain and cloudy weather, never enough sun or heat...but still eventful and fun! At least now we know what to expect next year and if we don't have the weather to look forward to, we know we have another softball season!!! :)

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delia said...

As always a delightful story, and again just seeing all the photos makes my heart smile, although I must admit crying when seeing places that mean so much to me.
God has Blessed you in experiencing this place, you will always carry these good memories.
Isn't it wonderful to see the crosses on the mountain peaks created by God.
Thank You Esther for sharing and making an old lady happy.
God Bless you and Ben...and your critters as well.