Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer as a Local Part 3

Zach's two week stay in Garmisch meant that we got to do a lot of different things together including walking the dog, which for me often means hiking with my friend Jenny and her dog JD. On this particular beautiful day we hiked to the St. Martin's Hutte and had a drink and an early lunch. Zach tried the strawberry cake and learned that German taste buds have not quite acquired the sweet-tooth of the average American. :)

Zach ordered a smoked sausage from a vendor at the weekly Farmer's Market. I was VERY impressed with his German language skills!

I took Zach up to Neuschwanstein for my first visit while Ben had to be at work one day, and it was again GORGEOUS! Here he is filling his waterbottle from one of the fresh springs available to the public for drinking. King Ludwig's childhood home, his father's castle, is behind him and on another, higher hilltop is the famous Neuschwanstein that inspired Disney's Cinderella castle.

Here is one view of the get a picture of the whole thing, you have to hike a bit to a bridge that crosses a canyon and overlooks the castle. We didn't have enough time that day so I'll try it next time.

Zach, Ben and I took the train into Munich to do some sight seeing, which was actually the first day I'd spent in Munich. :)

There are some amazing builidngs to see and can't do it all in one quick afternoon.

We visited the BMW World exhibit and an international festival which was near the soccer stadium where thousands of German fans were headed to watch the World Cup game vs. Argentina on the big screen. So we got to experience a bit of German craziness when they won the game, which will be a lifelong memory for each of us I'm sure.

Another of King Ludwig's castles is not far from our home, about a 30 minute drive. Linderhof has extensive grounds that are so much fun to explore, and the tour of the castle itself is...well, there are no words. You just have to come and see it for yourselves. :)

We promised Zach a visit to Italy and so we took a day trip to Bolzano where we visited a museum, ate some fabulous (if expensive) food, rode the cable car up the mountain, and toured the downtown.

I hope Zach had as much fun and adventure as we did during his visit. We don't have anymore visitors planned until the end of September, but then we will have 3 different visits back to back that will be a lot of fun. So I can't wait to show pictures of those adventures with new friends and beloved family. But first we'll have some posting to do on more summer fun...


delia said...

Lucky Zach!!! what a nice thing to do sharing this adventure with Zach and us...I got to go on this trip through your blog...Thanks!

Besther said...

so glad to share! We'll keep it up. We also like traveling home through people's blogs (my Aunt Becky).