Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making the most of what Spring we get

Spring in the mountains can be gorgeous or dark and wet...or both in the same day. So, with my foot on the mend and getting around better everyday, we've been venturing out when we have nicer weather and enjoying what we can while we can.

Storm has a regular playdate with a 10 month old Black Russian Terrier named Bear. She is a sweet dog at over 100 lbs. and a good playmate for Storm. When they first started playing, Storm had the height advantage but now, Bear is a bit taller and at least 25 pounds heavier. They can really throw their weight around with each other and have a lot of fun running, jumping and eventually relaxing a bit together.

Bear's "mom", Laura, and I enjoy getting together and watching our pups play. And boy, does it burn off their energy!

Easter weekend we drove a couple of towns over to Murnau, about 25 km away. It has a lovely town square and pedestrian zone. It's much smaller than Garmisch, but we enjoyed the lazy pace and watching the same people stroll up and down the lane several times just to be out of the house. Storm liked meeting all of the dogs and even slipped into an Apoteke (drug store/pharmacy) without our knowing and took a drink from the dog water dish they had just inside the automatic door. When we realized she wasn't by our side, we found her and the owners of the store having a good laugh at our independent dog. :)

Easter Sunday we had a Sunrise Service outside. It was a little chilly, but mostly due to the fog in the air. So we didn't get to see a sunrise, but for most of the service, the mountains were wasn't until the end, when we were cleaning up and I took a picture, that the fog rolled over the Zugspitz. It was glorious to see the mountains, hear the birds and cry out in worship together over our risen Saviour.

One weeknight, Ben drove Storm and I about 15 minutes away to this hotel and pond where we walked around the pond on the path while Storm tried to chase ducks without actually going more then knee deep in the water.

One day, while waiting for a friend to pick me up for a lunch date, I snapped this shot of our German home. We live in an apartment building with 3 other apartments. You can see the mountains, our CRV parked out front (since it doesn't fit in our Euro-size garage) and our lane that we walk to blocks down to get to the main gate of the Marshall Center, where Ben works. I miss my house in Utah, the space, the closets and the dry climate, but we are becoming more and more at home here all of the time.

This past weekend we were getting a little cabin fever and needed to find some a quick hour drive south into Austria brought us to Innsbruck, which was Ben's first big city day trip in 6 months. And we did find sun, which we lost again almost immediately when we re-entered Germany.

We did a little sight seeing, walking around old-town and snapping a few pictures.

And of course, we ate. Our friend Renee joined us for the day, since she had a day off from housekeeping at the hotel, and we enjoyed the chance to get to know her better!

We started our trip with some crepes, had pizza for lunch, and gelato before getting in the car to head home. There were gelato places everywhere, but the one we found on the way out was in the Galleria Rathaus where we had parked. There are some smallish indoor malls in the bigger cities, so it's funny that one minute you are looking at historic buildings and the next you are ordering gelato next to a budget hair salon inside a 2-story mall. :)

There was some sort of race and art festival happening, so we took a seat, enjoying the sun, mountains, Austrians, and steel drum band (made up entirely of young white men and one young Asian woman). It felt a little surreal.

So, that gives you a taste of what we've been up to the last few weeks....we head to the Mediterranean we should have lots of pictures of the sun, the sea and the sand!


Abby said...

Thanks Esther for posting all those pictures and info. The mountains are so beautiful behind your home and it is good to see where you are living to help me place it in my mind. I know that you will be an encouragement to the people around you there.

Crystal said...

ooooooh, the mediterranean! can't wait to see those pics! i love the blog updates with photos; i feel like i get to visit vicariously. i hope to actually make it over there someday myself, but in the meantime, your blog is helping :-)