Thursday, March 18, 2010

World the USA

Ben and I were blessed to be able to travel back to PA for a visit with family and a few friends. There were many wonderful moments and memories so let me name just a few highlights here.
Logan Mark, 2.5 years old...need I say more? :) (He is wearing the German hat we sent him at Christmas...he calls it his dancing hat. hehe)
The birth of Logan's little brother Cole the delight of everyone...well, Logan wasn't so sure at first...:) Cole was born 2/22/10 9 lbs. 10 oz. 23 inches long. Megan did great and when we left PA, they were all still a little tired, but otherwise healthy and happy! We are so thrilled to welcome Cole to the family. He is a bundle of joy, a big bundle of joy...and I think he looks a lot like his Uncle Travis, so this nephew might carry some of the stronger Holler traits...but we'll see as he grows...I can't wait to see!
The Hardy family vacationed together in Walt Disney World so Ben and I flew from Philly to Orlando with them to enjoy 5 days in EPCOT, The Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and The Animal Kingdom. We had pretty good weather, two actual sunny days and no real rain to speak of. We walked right on some of the biggest rides and attractions with little or no wait and ate some wonderful food together. It was a great week spent having fun with people we love!
Just a few characters. :) Logan happens to be a huge Toy Story fan right now, so we couldn't pass the opportunity to have this pic taken.
Ben and I were able to add a day onto our Orlando trip so that we could drive to Sarasota, FL and visit my mother's parents, siblings, etc. which was an answer to prayer since we couldn't fit a trip in to see this part of the family before moving to Germany
My cousin John and his wife Kristi had their baby Savannah just before Christmas and we were able to meet her and see how she was doing after her heart surgery. Honestly, as joyful as it was to meet her and see our cousins, it was heartbreaking to see little Savannah in a big hospital bed being fed through a feeding tube because she wasn't eating enough on her own.
The good news is that our prayers were further answered when Savannah and Kristi were sent home the day we left and baby girl is now eating on her own!!!! Praise God!
Another personal highlight was seeing some of my college roommates who I haven't had the pleasure of visiting in a few years. Yvonne is pregnant (due any day now) with her first baby and had a baby shower scheduled while I was in town. With Bethie in cahoots, we were able to show up and surprise her that I was visiting from Germany. It was priceless to see her surprised face and her pregnant belly. I was thrilled to share the memory of her first baby shower as well as a good part of the day with her...and with Bethie. I am blessed to have many good friends in my life and love when it works out to spend time with them while I am home.
Ben and I were also very honored to stay as a guest in my sister's new home. She bought a beautiful townhome in the Collegeville area and she has worked very hard to make it cozy and comfortable for visitors and guests. I am very proud of her!

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Crystal said...

you were in COLLEGEVILLE and i didn't know??? you were probably like two minutes from me! boooooooooo to that :-(