Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rascal's Friend, Snowy Saturday

We've all made some new friends on this adventure, whether it's been on walks, at work, or at Chapel. Storm even has a buddy that she meets up with a few times a week to work out her puppy energy. Early one morning, we got a visit from Rascal's new friend, who we didn't even know! This guy drops by once in a while and it looks like they've really hit it off.

We awoke today to our biggest snowstorm yet in Germany. We think we ended up with 10 inches or so on top of the other snow we had. We spent the day on cross-country skis, heading toward a nearby village to stop for lunch. The going was a little slow, but we had a great day with lots of exercise. Just an amazing, snowy, beautiful winter's day.

We passed a few villages as we originally headed towards Grainau, but a few wrong turns and we ended up in Hammersbach!

Fortunately Hammersbach had a nice hotel/restuarant with cozy fires going.

And a cool chapel next door.

And dessert!

Our friend Brian, who I work with, went with us and we had fun getting to know that Jersey Boy a little better. After skiing, he invited us over for hot chocolate which was well-deserved. Overall, an exhausting and fun-filled day!

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