Sunday, January 24, 2010

Partnach Klamm, Ski Stadium

After church today we hiked up to the Partnach Klamm, which is a beautiful gorge carved dramatically into the rock by an alpine river on the edge of Garmisch. To start you park just outside of the Olympic Ski Jump stadium built for the 1936 Olympics.

After leaving the stadium, the trail starts out along the river, very broad and with lots of shops and huts to get some food. Our friend Jennifer invited us to hike for the day, and like lots of things in Germany, we were able to take Storm to see her natural habitat.

Suddenly, the trail enters a series of tunnels and narrow ledges suspended above the rushing water. Lots of beautiful icicles and pools of blue/green water.

After leaving the tunnels and ledges, the trail broadens again and leads to many intersections. You can continue on towards the Austrian border, or towards small German towns like Mittenwald, or just continue on to the closest cozy Hutte or Alm restuarant.

We hiked onward for a few more minutes, and then headed back to town to call it a day.


delia said...

I know that we don't know each other, but I do come to your blog and read what you have written and the photos you can't imagine the joy you bring to me seeing all these beautiful Photos from Garmisch and the surroundings, they bring back such great memories.
kindest regards,
stop by and check out some of my sites, one is on Garmisch

Miss Natalie said...

why do all these strangers keep commenting on your blog? I am confused by this...

Besther said...
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Besther said...

natta, i believe people are drawn to our blog because of happy memories of garmisch. i welcome anyone who enjoys the mountains, culture and outdoor enjoyments as we do. a few comments have been anonymous advertisements which i will delete immediately and wish i could block altogether without blocking well-meaning people. oh well. hope you are happy and well today my friend! love you!

Rebecca said...

Those photos are lovely. What a great hike...oh, I wish I had places like that nearby. Anyway, blog hopping is common as people find others with shared interests, and it is considered "good blog manners" to respond with a comment for those visitors who leave a comment. If you don't want visitors you can change your blog for invitees only.

You can block anonymous comments in your settings>comments>who can comment? It stops those annoying advertisements.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

looks like an amazing place!!! so fun that storm gets to share in your adventures with you too.

leslie said...

Esther, I'm so impressed with your sense of adventure and optimism! You and your hubby are going to have such incredible memories and stories from this chapter of your lives. By the way, the wedding picture on your blog is beautiful!
Seeing your smiling face makes me miss you! :-)