Friday, January 1, 2010

International New Year

When we moved into our apartment we were a little nervous about meeting our neighbors. They are all German, of course, and we had no idea whether they would speak English or be interested in befriending us at all. Well, we are very pleased. The people above us keep their apartment as a vacation home and come only on weekends and holidays (we have yet to meet them and since they are rarely around, we are not likely to be a bother to them at all or vice versa!), the man next to us does not speak English, but Ben can communicate with him and he has been friendly and polite when we see him. But the jackpot are the other upstairs neighbors. They are a sweet couple who have been married for 43 years. They have no children but are very social and seem to know everyone in the neighborhood. They gave us a warm English because he was an English translator for the German Army before he retired and she speaks very well also. Herr and Frau Fehler have traveled to the States many times and have been to Utah. They are very outgoing and fun people to be around. Many Germans may be friendly on the street but might never invite you into their home. The Fehlers have invited us in twice. The first time was when we first moved in and introduced ourselves (new neighbors introduce themselves in Germany) and the second time was at their invitation.

They invited us up to have a glass of champagne for New Years Eve even though they had good friends visiting. Their friends were also wonderful English speakers who had been to the States and included Utah in their travels. We had lots to talk about since they have known each other for 40 years and we were just getting to know them. At times Ben and I had to remember to speak slowly and not use too much slang so that it was easier for them to understand us, and they at times relied on each other to help translate a word, phrase or idea, but all in all I don't think much was lost in translation. :)

At midnight we went onto their balcony which faces part of the mountain range and the Marshall Center (where Ben works) and Edelweiss Lodge (American resort). At around 11:45 pm the fireworks began...not only the official fireworks at the Edelweiss but the fireworks in everyone's yards...yep, real shoot up into the sky and explode fireworks-the ones that are illegal in the States. Literally, almost every yard was setting them off all around us...and when you looked up to the mountains, the different lodges were setting them off as well, so you could see what looked like colorful sparks shooting up into the sky from the mountainsides and mountain top. The fireworks lasted over 30 minutes and were accented by the Blue Moon. Absolutely amazing. It was breathtaking...and noisy. Storm hated it and hid in her crate under our stairs. Poor thing.

But for us, it was an amazing New Year. Totally unexpected, totally exciting, and one we hope to continue enjoying all year with good friends: German, American, who knows...

Happy New Year friends.

Herr and Frau Fehler, Esther, Oswald, Irene, Ben


Julie said...

Hi! I came across your blog after doing a google search for August Moon (a paint color). I see you did your bedroom in it. I just painted a swatch on my bedroom wall but I'm going for something a tad darker and really like the color in the picture of your dining room, you said it was gold something...any chance you remember what the color was and/or where you got it? Thanks :) Happy New Year (

Julie said...
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Katers said...

what is this goofy person doing on here talking about paint??

glad you had a nice new years celebration!

Miss Natalie said...

do you guys want me to start sending you some coupons? what are helpful ones and what do you especially need/want?