Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Ski Day!

On Monday we got our first ski day in the Garmisch Classic area. With the snow getting really crusty down in the valley, it was great to find smooth soft snow on most of the mountain. Below is a 6 person chair above the Hausberg lift that ended up being Esther's favorite. A lot of other runs ran all the way from up top down to the valley. The downside was that once you got low enough, the conditions got very icy and more difficult. We're trying very hard not to be UT ski snobs. They really do have the greatest snow on earth out there, but Garmisch and the Alps make up for some less stellar conditions with lots of cozy, hearty atmosphere and tradition.

The "D9" lodge has fire places and lots of cozy knooks and tables to grab a beer or meal.

We met up with some people from work, so we split up. Esther cruised her favorite slopes with Ben's boss, while Ben headed up with the guys for some more advanced runs including the famous "Kandahar" downhill race course. Up there, you're amidst the peaks and cruising through trees, rocks and small canyons like this one.

When you take some of the longer runs down to the valley, you get some good views of downtown Garmisch.

Below, you can just bearly see a building at the top of the mountain. They guys told me this is King Ludwig's huting lodge.

Some friends invited us along that evening to an amazing meal at a local restuarant in Partenkirchen. Although it's hard to top a meal out at a place like that, we've learned to cook some great schnitzle at home. Once you figure out how to buy the cuts of meat, you add some sauce that comes in packets and is mixed with water and cream. It's REALLY good. Add a vegetable and some liquid bread, and you're good to go!!


Miss Natalie said...

um, what's liquid bread?

Crystal said...

wow, so i had a lot of catching up to do--glad to see you guys have gotten settled and are figuring out how to enjoy the experience. haha, we're heading to vegas soon and actually said "wow, if ben & esther hadn't moved, we could go see them!" boooooo....but God obviously has quite a plan in place for you!

Besther said...

nat, i think ben was referring to his beverage of choice...:)
crystal, i'm sorry we "missed" a chance to show you around. what are you doing in vegas?

Rebecca said...

Ben took a photo while skiing through the canyon? Yikes.

Miss Natalie said...

yum! ;)

Crystal said...

besther, i went for a work conference, and we just turned it into a mini-vacation, sans jay. four days away and it was wonderful!