Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter, Christmas, and German customs

Winter has finally come to the Bavarian Alps! Just as we received our car and moved into our apartment the snow and REALLY cold temperatures blew in. Before that all happened, we found a War Memorial up in a pasture on the mountain. Storm found a fountain to take advantage of. It was sad to see all the plaques with pictures of young men, and the place where they died. Most were from WWII, and most died in Russia.

The view from the Memorial is a good one- you can see all of Garmisch and the ski jump from the Olympics.

After we got our car in Stuttgart, we came and left for a quick day-trip to Salzburg. It was a great starter trip- we'll definitely want to go back for a few days to explore the narrow alleys.

Every other vendor at the Christmas markets sells sweets! The roasted, sugared and cinnamon almonds are our favorite.

Partenkirchen, which is connected to Garmisch, also had a Christmas market. The end of it had a really cool view.

On Dec 16th we moved into our apartment and received all of the houshold goods that we decided to bring along. Since then, and for the next few weeks, we'll be opening boxes and figuring out where to place things. It is a great feeling to settle into a place and know that it is yours for a long time. It's also quite a challenge with absolutely NO closets! It's wonderful to experience what is better in Europe, but challenging to miss the things that are certainly better in America. Closets being one of them. The other is the abundance of laws and order.. sometimes to extremes here. The one we're getting used to is the fine you will likely get if you leave your car running while you scrape the frost off your windows. And don't think that there's no way the authorities will catch you!! We've heard that many neighbors will have no problem dropping the dime on you.
I think we'll catch on fairly quickly, enjoy the good things and cling to some of the things that make us distinctly American. Our grill also arrived, and we'll be using that thing every day no matter the weather!


Jessie said...

Esther, It looks beautiful there! Very nice. I'm sure there will be lots of fun trips in your future! Enjoy and Merry Christmas to you guys!

Rebecca said...

We loved Salzburg - there is just so much to do there. You'll have to get up to that fortress in the photo sometime. Were you there at night? It is just gorgeous at night.

delia said...

Thank You for taking me back with your photos to a a few years in my childhood in Garmisch.
Just remember God has a plan, and you being there is an experience for a reason...I enjoy reading your blog even though you don't know me.