Monday, December 21, 2009

Confessions of an EisBaer

Ok, so I think it is about time that I get to put my 2 cents in about this whole move to Germany thing since no one ever really stops to ask the dog what she thinks-I'm gonna tell you anyway. Thus begins my first-ever blog entry.

I have to admit that at first I was not so keen on this whole idea of leaving my house, my yard, my dog park buds. In fact, the week of the move, my "people" made me sleep in this small one room house they called a hotel-so I found a secret hidden room that they did not seem to notice and slept in there. I heard them call it a closet, but I think they just didn't know that you could easily fit in there to sleep comfortably...I didn't tell them b/c I wanted it all to myself.

After they let all of those men steal my bed and my toys they made me ride in a big car with all of the stuff they managed to save threatening to fall on me at any sharp turn, just to stay in another hotel that didn't even have their so-called "closet" so I had to bunk on the floor next to their bed...for like 5.5 hours before they made me ride in another big car to this giant place with lots of lights and nice people who I wasn't allowed to sniff. They put me in my crate and then put my best friend (inside of his crate) on top of me and wheeled us around until they let these men in blue shirts steal us away...I can't even tell you what happened next...I have erased those memories...

...but soon enough Rascal and I found ourselves in another big place with lots of lights and people. We were thirsty and scared b/c the people in the blue shirts just left us sitting under a sign that I think said "Odd Baggage"...until my people finally came and got us. They took a while figuring out what to do with me though b/c my crate was too big to fit on any of the finally they let me out to walk through the big place until we found the USO. I liked that walk-not only b/c it was good to stretch my legs, but I guess I am a celebrity in that big place b/c people were pointing and staring and smiling and even laughing at me and my people. I wish I could have stopped to meet them all, but my silly people don't let me do that-I guess they think it increases my myseterious quality to not meet EVERYONE who I pass on a daily basis. I can't think of any other reason.

My people seemed very pleased to find the USO in the land of Chicago O'Hare but immideately I was taken outside to find a nice grassy place to do my business. It was exciting b/c not a lot of dogs had been where I was so I got to claim a lot of territory.
Just as I was getting used to the USO and the walks, they put me back in my crate and gave Rascal and I to Calvin. Calvin was very nice. He gave us water and was gentle...but he put me back in that loud, cold place that I refuse to tell you about b/c I don't want to scare any little kids who might read this.

We had one last stop in another big place...but this place was different. It had a lot of nice people, but they talked funny and they just left Rascal and I out in the middle of the floor on a cart with suitcases, so my people didn't find me right away. They walked right past me and I was worried that they wouldn't see me and I was too scared to bark at them. But they did find me and they took me to a quiet room where a nice funny talking man met me and petted me and said something like "Welcome to Munich, Germany" but I just hoped that they would let me out of my crate soon so I could run around.
Lucky for me, two nice lady people named Katharina and Arlene had a really big van to take us away from the scary big place and they petted me and drove me to a new house.
The new house what NOT what I was used to. It had no big yard and my people put me on a leash everytime they took me to the little yard. BUT, I did get to walk in fun new places and try to meet new friends. Some of those funny talking people called me EisBaer which always makes my people laugh...I don't really get it b/c I don't know what a polar bear is, but apparently I look like one. EisBaer is not the only new word I have learned. I have also learned HUND and SCHON and NEIN. I am now a bilingual pooch!

Over time, I learned to like the new house but I didn't know where my bed or toys went or why we had so little room-it sure seemed like my people had made a MAJOR DOWNGRADE.

Oh, I didn't even tell you the worst part. SOMEONE STOLE MY CAR. Seriously, one day I was riding around in it, the next it was nowhere to be found. In Germany, my people made me walk everywhere or else ride the bus, which I hated waiting for. I never had to wait for my car.

So I made the best of it and enjoyed my walks and especially the river-ice cold running water. HEAVEN.

I guess Germany isn't all bad. They let me go into a lot more buildings here like shops and restaurants. Once my silly people figured it out, they started taking me with them to dinner most nights. Here I am waiting to see if I will get any scraps of burger or fries...I love mustard.

It has been a long adjustment, but I think Germany is growing on me. I like the mountains-after all, I am a mountain dog. I also like the snow-a lot. And my people finally moved me into a bigger house where I have a yard right outside of the door next to my bed...and yeah...some other men found the men who stole my stuff and they brought it all back to bed, my toys, even my car! So, it feels a little like home now.

Now I take big long walks in the snow, like today, and I am still a celebrity...people stare at me everywhere I go, they want to talk in their funny talk about me. If my man is there, he will funny talk with them, but if it is my woman, then she just smiles and says a few funny words until the funny talking people walk away. But, they must really love an EisBaer here in Germany, b/c they sure love me.


Rebecca said...

Great, don't you love how animal friendly they are? I think everything on this side is over regulated.

Miss Natalie said...

I miss you Storm! And your best buddy Cooper misses you, too! Take care of your people for us and enjoying exploring Germany! I hope you write again soon.


Stephanie H said...

this post was fantastic!