Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Settling in in Germany

We made it! I'm not sure how this post will turn out, as we're trying to attach pictures from a new laptop, at a new WiFi spot here on the small Army base in Garmisch. Ourselves and the animals all arrived safely, smoothly, but very worn out. Our last week or so has been adjusting to the new time (much harder from UT than the East Coast), getting our personal lives in order, and keeping track of our animals as they also adjust to apartment life! Below is a pic from our balcony of the Zugspitze and the Alpsitze mountain peaks.

And below is our apartment from the outside.

Here is Ben's new office building:

And here's a quick picture of the pedestrian zone in Garmisch.

Sorry for the short post- we're still settling in. Much more to come!!

Ben and Esther


Rebecca said...

Oh the view...and your apartment building! How gorgeous. Love it!

Stephanie Horjus said...

I agree with Rebecca - the views!!! I look forward to hearing and seeing much more!! Love you both!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you two made it!! Such beautiful scenery, what a cute town!! Good luck girl :) -Rhea

Ashley said...

It's so pretty. I love the pictures. It reminds me of Innsbruck. It sounds like you are settling in. I know what you mean about the language. When I was in France I wanted to speak Spanish too. Keep working on it. It will come. It's a hard language. At least you can people watch. That's always fun.

Hannah said...

Is that a crucifix on the outside of your apartment bldg? Is that a common sight? Seems odd to me, but I've never been to Germany!

delia said...

I came across your blog when I was looking for a photo of Garmisch and the church across the street where I use to live...then here in your blog I also saw the photo of the house I lived in, it is the one with the all the lights draping the store-front...what a lovely blog you have, thank you for sharing...one never knows who will have the joy of reading and viewing.