Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here's a bunch of pictures, kind of out of order, covering the food and adventures over the past few weeks. If you're interested in seeing an apartment we liked, see previous post below.

Above, a view from the bus stop on a rainy day.

Esther and I at our favorite place for pizza, "La Mamma".

The booths serving brats and gluhwein are just starting to pop up for the Christmas season. Last night, Nov 27, a band played along side.

It never takes Rascal long to find ways to be a Rascal.

This is Esther's apple strudel with cream and vanilla ice cream, served at the mountain hut. It was definitely as good as it looks.

Storm has found her sleeping corner.

On her walks, Storm loves wading into the alpine river. It has a blueish/green color, I guess because of the glacier up on the Zugspitze peaks.

In between German and Italian meals, we found an all-you-can-eat rib dinner.

This meal was served at a mountain hut after an hour hike. It was amazing!

One of the frescoed buildings in Garmisch pedestrian zone.

From Left To Right: DUNKLE WEISSE !!! (Can you tell that Storm likes Beer??)

More and more Christmas decorations are going up in town.

I look horrible, but the bratwurst is in focus!

A welcome sign during a hike.


Grubigstein said...

Nice Post!
You're welcome to join the Zugspitzeclub

Rebecca said...

Oh I miss it. Thought you would like the Thanksgiving photos...had you in mind.

Mom said...

It looks like you are settling in and at the very least are well fed!!

delia said...

would it be possible I have your permission to use the photo of the building all in lights(the photo under you eating the Bratwurst) this is where I lived before coming to America...please let me know I wish to include it on my Garmisch squidoo lens. webpage
I love coming here viewing and reading your blog.
Gl├╝ckliches Neujahr!