Thursday, August 20, 2009


Wow, it's been a long time! Nothing too major is going on. Esther is thrilled to get back into the swing of school prep for a new school year. Ben's been knocking out a few more house projects, the biggest of which is repairing the crumbling concrete steps that are an eyesore from the curb. It's been a great summer in UT, with a few really cool days in between all the hot weather.

Without much exciting to post, we saw an interesting tidbit on Yahoo news.... about American paper currency. Apparently most of it is contaminated with at least trace amounts of cocaine, due to its contact with the drug in its use and transport. Some places have higher concentrations than others. The average was something like 60%, and the highest was Washington DC where it was 90%. I love reading these stories, because you know what city they'll mention last.... the one city with the lowest bad thing....... which is, of course, Salt Lake City. It's crazy living in UT. While I guess it is nice to have much less bad stuff like this, low DUI rates, etc, it still stinks to lose out on real pizza, hoagies and wings and stuff. Everyplace seems to have some really good stuff going on.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great summer. Ben is ready for the first few cool storms to move through, and seeing the colors change up on the mountains. Esther's pulling for a few more heat waves.

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