Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Adventures in Philly!

Ben and I just got home from a 13 day trip to Philadelphia. Most people consider that a long trip but when you have as much family and as many friends to visit as we do, the time just flies. In fact there are a number of friends who we didn't get to see at all, so we tried to make the most of our time with the people we did get to visit with and had a wonderful time.

We arrived at the Hardy's house first and enjoyed 4 days of family picnics, friends and fireworks. Thank you Mom and Dad for hosting us and to Stacey & Chris for spending the extra time...and to all of the other wonderful friends and family that made a point of making time to visit while we were in town. We always have so much fun catching up on everything we have missed while we are away.

Sibling time in New Hope, PA. We had GORGEOUS weather for PA in July!

I consider myself a saint for being in PA for 14 hours before eating any can't imagine how good that tasted to me!!!

Ben considered himself a saint for waiting that long for a Yuengling Lager...and no better way than with pizza!

We were able to see my mom, sibings and nephew before heading down to visit with my dad for a few days. My sister Kate turned 26 so we had pizza and ice cream cake to celebrate! I was very happily suprised by an enthusiastic "Hi Esther!" from our nephew Logan when I walked into Kate's apartment-they had been prepping him for our arrival-and I was thrilled to hear him say my name since we hadn't seen him in almost a year!

The Holler kids...(in age order) Megan, Brook, Ben, Esther, Kate, Travis, Jake, Alec, Logan, and (arriving in February) a new baby for Brook, Megs and Logan!!! We are so excited to add a new baby to the family. Praise God!!!

Megan and Brook were very sweet to let us babysit Logan at my dad's house during our visit. It added 2.5 extra days with him to get to know him and make some memories-like visiting the Herr's factory tour! "chips! chips!" hehe During our visit with my dad and his wife, Ginger we relaxed and enjoyed the PA countryside...and had a wonderful bonus visit with Amy Hoffman...thanks for driving down to see us, Amy! And thank you for hosting us Dad & Ginger.

We spent some time in the pool and lots of time on the deck and in the yard playing with Logan before we drove back up to Phoenixville. My dear friends Carrie and John were our gracious hosts there while we visited with friends and family in my hometown. Thanks again guys, we love you and appreciate you! While in town, we ate more pizza, spent time with good friends like those from our former church in Roxbourough (where we ate the traditional Chubby's Cheesesteak and met everyone's beautiful babies), I walked with Kelly & Carrie in Valley Forge, and celebrated Logan's 2nd Birthday!

Of course, we couldn't be in town and not see the World Series Champion Phillies play...

This is the only pic that I took at the Phillies game. I was having way too much fun...this is Adam, I think he was having fun too!

So we are home in Utah now but are missing everyone already. Thanks again to ALL of you who made a point of making time to visit with us. We wish we could have seen more of you but are so blessed to have seen who we did!

Here is a quick video of our sweet nephew, Logan. He is so much fun and so sweet...enjoy!