Monday, June 15, 2009

Grace Church (our shameless plug!)

Hello friends and family!!!

As you know, Ben & I have been in Utah for 2 years now and are loving the climate, the scenery, the adventure, and experiencing God's grace in our lives in new ways all of the time.

One of the major ways we have experienced God's amazing grace has been through our church family here. Grace Presbyterian Church is a PCA church about 15 minutes from our home in Ogden, UT. Since we have been in attendance our church has met in a wedding reception center that although beautiful, is not our own. For 10 years the church has been praying for an opportunity to move into a permanent building in order to enhance our opportunities to build God's mission in the predominantly Mormon/LDS culture of our state. (There are less Christians in Utah than in Egypt!)

We are currently seeing God's hand leading us to an answer to those prayers. There is a Lutheran congregation within a few miles of our current meeting place who is looking for a buyer for their property. We have made them an offer and they have accepted it! This is a very exciting time for our church!!! We praise God for this opportunity!!!

Ben & I are writing to you to inform you of this development with the hope that you will join us in praising God as well as in praying for the continued success of this endeavor. Although we are confident that God has led our church on this path, we are also aware that our small congregation cannot raise the funds on our own. After praying together as a church, and as families, the Grace congregation came forward with their offerings and pledges for this campaign. With some outside support added, we are nearly halfway to our goal of $425,000!

We are praying for God to work in the hearts of our friends in and out of Utah to support us either in prayer or in prayer and financial gifts to help close the $225,000 gap. (That is only 225 individuals, families, churches or organizations giving $1,000 each in one lump sum or pledged in monthly amounts for up to 3 years!)

The church website provides lots more information and details if you are interested in learning more or in making an investment in our church building fund. There is also a site specific to this building fund at

So, what do you think???? Do you have any questions...or would like to encourage us by telling us that you are praying with and for us in this? Will you join us in making an investment in our church building fund??? We are excited to see what God provides for us in this new adventure!

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