Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Honey-Do

Ding Dong the Birch is dead! Well actually it has been dead since we bought the house but now it is gone! No more dead trees in our front yard!

Ben had fun with the chainsaw. I was ready nearby with my phone handy-just in case. :)

Now we just have a big tree stump in the front and a TON of firewood in the backyard-oh, yeah, you know Storm is having a ball dragging it all over the place!

Safety first-no injuries! So we got the old tree out and have planted a new tree-a flowering pear. I hope it is as pretty as we expect and that it will help shade our west-facing front rooms. We also planted a new maple in the backyard. Ben would like to plant one more tree in the front yard by the driveway to help shade the front of the house and the car in the driveway. Anyone have any suggestions for something that grows up to 35 feet high and only 20 feet wide? That is what we want!
This weekend we are replacing our back fence. It is supposed to be gorgeous so hopefully things will go well. The front gate we replaced turned out really well, so we'll wait and see...
We have a lot more to catch up on (Storm's first road trip to St. George, UT, Zion National Park, Ben's 30th Birthday, and Buster the Boxer-don't worry we were just dog-sitting)...we'll catch you later...Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Natalie said...

Love all the work you guys are getting done!!! Oz got rid of a tree with his chainsaw the other day on our property as well.

Could we come see it all on Aug 14-16? Do you know if you're free that weekend?

Are you still going to PA in July--we will be there July 7-21...

Crystal said...

you're coming in in july? i'll have to mark my calendar--what dates?

your update inspired me to update too. in other news, the "baby boom" at pilgrim is over for now, as the last babies have made their appearances, at least until the next announcement. everybody's healthy and adorable, of course.

miss you lots!!!!