Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is what they pay me the big $$$ for!

Check out what I did at work on Wednesday morning...

I love my job!!!!

(sorry, you have to click my title or copy and paste the link into your won't show up as a link...weird!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Natta says: "Pretty blog!"

So you may have noticed that I finally figured out how to make our blog cuter! When Natalie and her boys were visiting I asked her about how she got her blog to be so cute and she showed if you are like me and need these things spelled out for it is...
visit the link in the top left corner (, choose a background, follow the easy directions and enjoy your new cute blog.
yep, it really is that why did it take me so long to figure it out???? thanks for the help, Natta! oh, and you all should check out her blog so you can see some of her pics from their visit. i haven't gotten so far yet as to upload our pics. i'll get to it-maybe next week when school is out!!! just pray for me to make it through this week. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why we volunteer with Youth For Christ Teen Parents

We received this email this week and I wanted to share it with all of you so that you might understand why we volunteer with and financially support YFC Teen Parents in Utah.

Please pray for a teen parent. She is 17 and is a few weeks pregnant by her 22 year old boyfriend. She has told no one other than him and her best friend. The baby's father is pushing for an abortion and the mother is against that. This pregnancy is a result of failed birth control pill. She plans to come to our meeting next week. I also referred her to Pregnancy Care Center for help if she wants to talk to a counselor about the pressure for an abortion. Please continue to lift her up. She will graduate from High school in just 4 days!

Can you imagine the fear, anxiety and pressure this young woman is facing right now? She "should" be rejoicing in her graduation with friends and family but is more likely feeling alone, isolated, scared and confused. Please join us in praying for her and the other teen moms that we help to serve. Your prayers mean a lot!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Storm's first road trip and other Besther adventures

So I know it is already May 16th-Happy Birthday Dad-but April was busy and fun so we wanted to be sure to fill you all in on what we were up to. :)

I had a short Spring Break so we decided to take a trip to St. George, UT to save some time and $$$...It was about a 5 hour drive down and we took Storm with us which made it her first real road trip. After about an hour in the car (the longest we've ever taken her at once) she started to shake and pant a lot so we were kinda worried that she might be sick. So we pulled over, let her out and walked her around a bit. She was quickly back to herself so we put her back in the car and she was fine for about 10 minutes. Then it was back to the shaking. We decided that I would just try to comfort her until we stopped in a half hour for a short lunch. She was able to calm down before we stopped and stayed calm the rest of the trip. It was a bit of a "shaky" start to our trip but we were proud of her after all...we think she may have been worried that she couldn't get out if she wanted to, but we made frequent enough stops to make her comfortable. We left plenty of space in the back of the CRV for her to sit on her seat or lay on the floor, but she refused to sleep in the car.

We would frequently turn around to see her dosing like this or in some other funny position that did NOT look comfortable...but she refused to sleep on the floor...Silly puppy!
We drove through some rain in our own area to get to this-the gorgeous city of St. George where palm trees sway and the sun shines! We were only about an hour from Las Vegas but didn't head that way since we "saw" it last summer. Our first meal was at In-N-Out Burger, our favorite fastfood burger joint...even though the one in St. George is the closest one we have-so far! We settled into our room with Storm at the Super 8, which was suprisingly nice and allowed pets, even 90 lb. puppies! We took Storm to the dog park in town (the major reason we decided to bring her with us) and did some exploring.
The next morning we left her in her crate in the hotel and headed out for the 50 minute drive to Zion National Park.

We didn't have much of an idea of what to expect but we were not disappointed. We hiked and saw some beautiful rock formations in this legendary canyon for the Virgin River.

We got to do some fun climbing on red rock and took the shuttle all over the park to see the different amazing views.
Saturday was rainy so we took a day off to explore more of St. George and do some shopping. We found a great breakfast place and awesome thai food. We also found out that just above town there is a "park" with red rock bluffs that you can hike and climb for some great views. We did that on Sunday before leaving town.

We were able to take Storm with us which was nice since we couldn't take her to Zion NP. I love this picture of one of my best buddies...she really is a sweetheart-even if she can be a huge pain in the neck. :)

After packing the car and leaving St. George we got back on I15 North back to Ogden but Ben wanted to take a detour to see Brian Head ski resort just outside of Cedar City, UT (go firgure ;). So we got off of the highway about an hour into the trip and drove about 12 miles up to 10, 420 feet!
After just having been hiking in the red rock bluffs and sun, it was a little weird to be in the snow watching skiers but it was a worthwhile detour.
We noticed some red rock in the midst of the snow-very pretty!

And then we drove back down-in 2nd gear.
Storm finally got too tired to stay awake-we caught her like this after hours of trying to stay awake. So Cute!

So we spent a good bit of our Easter Sunday in the car, but we read the story of Christ's life, death and resurrection to each other as we drove and had some good discussion and reminders about who Christ is and why He is not only our God but our Friend. It was neat to worship together in the car in the midst of such natural beauty as we were able to see.

We didn't "celebrate" Easter with any friends or family, but Storm did get a present.
Which she immediately destroyed.

Sorry, Easter Bunny, but you look even worse is inside out and unrecognizable.

Storm's friend Buster was a little gentler with the bunny. Buster's family travelled some in April too and asked us to dog sit which we gladly did b/c he is a sweetheart, and kept Storm exercised which gave us more time for other things-like Spring house projects.
Aprli 26th marked Ben's 30th birthday and we celebrated at home with some good friends, chinese food and ice cream cake. Later we went bowling and had a blast. Originally I planned to take Ben and some friends paintballing but the weather and some schedules didn't allow, so we took a rain-check on that, but Ben's birthday was a success anyway. :)

Last weekend we replaced the back panel of our fence, so we'll have to fill you in on that a bit later. It was a lot of work, but it looks great!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Honey-Do

Ding Dong the Birch is dead! Well actually it has been dead since we bought the house but now it is gone! No more dead trees in our front yard!

Ben had fun with the chainsaw. I was ready nearby with my phone handy-just in case. :)

Now we just have a big tree stump in the front and a TON of firewood in the backyard-oh, yeah, you know Storm is having a ball dragging it all over the place!

Safety first-no injuries! So we got the old tree out and have planted a new tree-a flowering pear. I hope it is as pretty as we expect and that it will help shade our west-facing front rooms. We also planted a new maple in the backyard. Ben would like to plant one more tree in the front yard by the driveway to help shade the front of the house and the car in the driveway. Anyone have any suggestions for something that grows up to 35 feet high and only 20 feet wide? That is what we want!
This weekend we are replacing our back fence. It is supposed to be gorgeous so hopefully things will go well. The front gate we replaced turned out really well, so we'll wait and see...
We have a lot more to catch up on (Storm's first road trip to St. George, UT, Zion National Park, Ben's 30th Birthday, and Buster the Boxer-don't worry we were just dog-sitting)...we'll catch you later...Happy Cinco De Mayo!