Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Snowy April Day...

Ben & I drove up to Powder Mountain last night to close out the ski season and we were hit with several inches of snow while we were there. :) It made for a cold night but some really great, soft snow. At first I was a bit shaky and unsure of skiing this type of snow since I hadn't really seen it since our first ski day in December 2007 (some of you may recall that I had a really bad experience that day). But it didn't take me long to figure out how fun it is to swish through a top layer of powder snow and let it catch the edge of your ski as you glide along. So before I knew it Ben was saying "I think you're ready for a blue." (For those of you who don't ski, a green circle is an easy slope, a blue square is steeper and then a black diamond is expert or very difficult.) I started out a bit concerned when I stood at the top and couldn't see much further than 10 feet b/c the drop was so steep but was very proud of myself when I made it to the bottom (almost) unscathed. I did take one turn too wide into a couple feet of soft powder and landed squarely on my butt! That was my only fall of the night (and only my second fall of the year) so I feel confident that beginning next season I will be able to ski more WITH Ben instead of only riding the lift together (he gets very bored of the green runs that I like). So we had been skiing for about 5 hours when the cold finally got to us and we decided to head home where there was NO snow.
I am proud to call myself a Utah skier. Now I will look forward to next year's season to continue to learn and improve. So, who's gonna come skiing with me next year???

Friday, April 3, 2009

Do you ever watch Rachel Ray?

Well, I don't watch Rachel Ray, but my good friend Jamie does and she was on the show this week. Check her out Jamie is mother of Micah and Lydia and is pregnant with twins. She and Nathan moved the family from Utah back to Wisconsin in November and I haven't seen her since, so you can imagine how fun it is for me to see her ON TV! Doesn't she look great-especially for being severl months along with twins???? She also blogs about the whole experience at

Miss you Jamie!!!!