Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is it really March already?

Ben and I are surprised at how quickly 2009 seems to be passing us by. Here we are in March, the second day of Spring, Winter on it's way out and making Summer plans.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we want to tell you all about what we've been up to since our last post in early February.

On President's Day, Swanson's North Fork Environmental Center invited all Weber School District Employees to come and try out their cross country skis and snow shoes. We had never done either and were excited to try it. We arrived at the very same time as a co-worker, Susie, and her two boys, Cameron and Zach, who are students at Lakeview. It was a lot of fun to be able to spend the day with them, getting to know them better and seeing them outside of school. :)

I really really enjoyed the cross-country skiing. You can see so much of your environment moving around on these very lightweight skis in the tracks they provide for you. You can go uphill and downhill, and if you are at all used to regular downhill skis, they are very easy to use. We were tucked back in the valley away from any real "civilization" so it was very quiet and definitely relaxing-a good way to spend a day off.
The snow-shoeing wasn't as much fun, but to be fair, I got a fever and a terrible cold within a couple of hours of being home, so I just may not have been feeling very well by the time we tried them.

So, after that big adventure we are excited to go again next year. Anyone who happens to visit over President's Day is welcome to join us!

I spent the next two days in bed, sick, and then we started getting ready for the arrival of Steve and Kristie. Steve was Ben's roommate during our engagement so we spent a lot of time that summer with the also engaged Steve and Kristie. He was a part of our engagement story, the boys were in each others weddings (2 weeks apart), they taught us to play Canasta, and we have travelled to Vermont and Mexico with them. So we were thrilled when our good friends from New York State planned a ski weekend with us in Utah. And skiing we did! We spent a day together at Powder Mtn and the boys spent a day at Snowbasin while we girls went shopping. :) It was great to hang out with old friends in a new place. :)

Da Boys!

Kristie & I meet the boys at the lift.

It was a GORGEOUS bluebird day.

Steve at Snowbasin, Ogden and the Great Salt Lake in the background.

Thanks for coming Steve & Kristie...let's do it again!

In local news, Storm is enjoying the warmer weather. We had a week of shedding her winter coat, right before the arrival of Steve and Kristie (thank goodness), when there was white fur EVERYWHERE and we were cleaning constantly to keep up with it. Huge chunks of undercoat would come out at a time and it would look like we had a snowstorm inside the house. Just another reason she has the PERFECT name. :) Saturday she had her first riverwalk of the year.

She also had her first non-snowy playdate of the year...after which she looked like this...

So we had to give her a bath...

So she could look like this again...

The cats are glad that we have had 60+ degree days so we could open some windows up again. What do you think they are looking at?

Could it be Storm, taking a nap in her chair???

Happy Spring ya'll! We hope it is as fun for you as it is already for us!!!

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Five Fikkerts said...

That picture of Storm in the bathtub is hilarious!! Love the new post, keep them coming!!