Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Rocks Cry Out

As I expected, my buddy Mike was able to spread plenty of Baltimore flavor all over vanilla-bean UT during his 5 day visit out here at the end of January. Mike is a whirlwind of energy, and I had some trouble keeping up with him.

Mike's visit also happened during a 3ft dump in the moutains. I would sometimes voice my need to slow things down a little bit, and I think this pic above shows a brief moment where Mike may have realized that I was right in trying to call it an early night prior to our big ski day. We were due for men's prayer breakfast at 6AM, followed by a full day of skiing at Snowbasin. No matter, Mike picked himself up and still lifted weights at the gym that night while I sat in the sauna.

We got to goof around a lot, Mike picked up his ski skills very quickly. Our only trouble was when the groomed trails suddenly ended, and we found ourselves off trail amidst deep powder that we couldn't ski on well, and was exhausting to walk through.

Up top, Mike reminded me of the scripture of the rocks crying out in praise to God even if we are silent. I hadn't pondered this thought, and it was stirring in front of the rocky bowl of Mt Ogden soaring up above 9,000 ft.


Thankyou Mike for your perspectives, energy and brotherhood!

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Stephanie (I can't remember my login) Horjus said...

Hope you guys had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday! Did you do anything special? We went to dinner with our Bible Study Group (Weigands, Gills, Heywoods, Templins (Donna Hoult's new married name), and a few others) 14 in all! Was a lovely time!