Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Unique New Years

So Ben and I decided that since we were spending the New Year in Utah, what better way to celebrate than to go skiing! Powder Mountain (a local resort, 30 minutes through our canyon and valley) had a New Years ski special-$2o.09 for skiing from 3pm-12:15am including a pasta dinner and party favors. So here is Ben, looking out at the view from the top of the lift.

We had several runs in and got off the lift just in time to see the sun setting across two mountain ranges, the Great Salt Lake and Ogden.

We usually get to see amazing sunsets because of where we are-out west, on a mountain, etc. And I have had the pleasure of seeing many beautiful Manhattan Beach, CA sunsets but there is nothing like this view. The clouds above were a deep purple and the snow below our feet was bright red.This view is just after the sun set. It doesn't do justice to the glory of it all.

I like this shot because you can see the wind blown trees and the peak of Snowbasin ski resort.
This is Wolf Mountain Ski resort several thousand feet below. They have night skiing also and some fun (if few) runs from the top. You will always see dads teaching little ones to ski at Wolf Mountain because it is smaller, cheaper and less steep. I am fond of Wolf Mtn but am growing to love Powder Mtn as well. They both have some "easier" skiing for those of us who are still building our skills and confidence. :)
All of that to say that we enjoyed our New Year celebration at Powder Mtn-although, truth be told we were home for midnight b/c we couldn't stay out on the trails long enough. We were both really tired and didn't want to push it. So Ben had a beer at the "Powder Keg" bar before I drove us home at 10pm to watch a movie with our pets and go to bed just after midnight.
We hope you had a nice New Year full of fun, excitement and lots of hope for what God will do for you in 2009!
Anyone have any resolutions to share? I hope to have a day of skiing with no falls :) and to help make changes at my school/job to improve the learning environment of our students.
Plans for 2009 will include plenty of travel as usual. :) I will be attending a conference in San Diego, CA later this month, we are definitely planning a trip to Philly this summer, possibly a trip with old friends somewhere out this way (Arizona?) and other more local trips like to visit the Shaws in Idaho!!!! We must meet little Benjamin Shaw soon! (See Natalie's blog
We will also expect some visitors who are already planning trips...we have lots more space and time open so let us know if you want a Western Vaca this year! :):):)

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Stephanie H said...

I LOVE the sunset pictures!!!!

I'd LOVE a western vacation this year; just don't know if we'll be able to afford it.

I called you a couple weeks ago...