Monday, January 12, 2009

Birthday Shoutouts!

Well, the first 2 weeks of the year hold a special significance in our family. Esther's brother Brook celebrates his birthday on the 6th of January and Ben's dad, John, and Esther's cousin, Rhea, celebrate their birthdays on the 10th of January.

Happy Birthday to all! Here is to another wonderful year of blessings and fun! Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate, but we know you had fun without us anyway. haha

A special nod to Brook who turned 30 this year and was thrown a surprise party by his wife Meg and my sis Katers. Looking good for 30, Brook...I mean, really, what has changed?

Love you all and miss you tons...we'll be home this summer, but we'll be here until then and LOVE visitors!!!!


Stephanie & Ben said...

That's a GREAT picture of your brother! ha!

Crystal said...

yay for a summer visit! you'll have so many babies to meet!