Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally Winter

We had a great Thanksgiving. Katers dropped in to bring family to the Holiday, which we were greatful for! We REALLY miss the big family get-togethers in general, and over the holidays especially.
We toured Snowbasin which had some great fires goin in the fireplace. We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving dinner with Kate, and our buddy Adam.
The cold weather and snow are finally on their way, after a fall of t-shirts and light jackets. Along with the colder weather, the animals in the household have featured some strange "growths" as of late- just in time for the Ogden holiday parade.
It was a great parade, although we were surprised at the reserved nature of those lining the streets. Evidently, if you cheer for the floats in UT, you are an official wierdo and you receive stares from those around you. This is a far cry from the flavor of a parade back home, but it was a really nice parade with great floats- even if people just stared at the cute kids in costume and didn't cheer. To make up for it, we had our recently weighed, 87 lb puppy there to bark and be a general pain in the butt.

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Crystal said...

eighty-seven pounds?! holy poundage, batman, that's a puppy and a half!

sounds like the ogden parade was nothing like the philly world champions victory parade...which, i guess, really is a good thing. haha.

glad you got to have some family visit for the holiday--please make sure we get to see lots of snow pictures for Christmas! i miss those snowy white holiday scenes!

miss you too, of course!