Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008, first big Ski day

It's great that Christmas and New Years fall on Thursdays this year. That way, you pretty much have a whole, long, holiday weekend to hang out with family, go out to eat, go to the movies, etc. Unfortunately, we REALLY miss that being out here in UT. The Hardy parents were going out with friends to a Mexican place last night, and we really wish we could have be there. As a small consolation, we got a really white, Christmas snow storm to enjoy. The next morning, I went out to shovel and saw the morning sun hitting Ben Lomond peak which was beautiful.

All the snow also made for a great day skiing on Saturday. Snowbasin is a great place because it is not immediately close to Salt Lake airport like Alta, Snowbird, or any of the Park City resorts. So going skiing during Christmas week wasn't too crowded at all. I was able to walk on the lifts without waiting in line. Esther stayed home, keeping warm with cats and a dog at her feet.

Above: This is how crowded Snowbasin can get Christmas weekend.

Above: This pic is from the top of the Strawberry lift, looking down into Ogden. It was 5 degrees, and I think the winds were going about 30-40MPH. I could only stand it long enough to snap this picture before skiing down low enough to be sheltered by the wind.


Christmas itself was a blast. Somehow Rascal managed to "wrap" himself. He was parading around in his bow, and we both asked each other if we had put it around him. So I guess he did this himself.

Having our first Christmas together with our dog was also great. I grew up balling up the wrapping paper to throw for a dog to chew up, and Storm proved that doing so is just instinct. She left a perfect Christmas mess on our living room floor.

We hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas. It still is Christmas too. As my mom would say, it's a season, and before you take down the lights, remember that historically, the wise men haven't even shown up yet. :)

Merry Christmas!!
Stay tuned for Happy New Year wishes and what we chose to do for our first Utah New Years....:)


Stephanie H said...

Glad to see you had a nice Christmas! Have a FANTASTIC New Year's Eve!!

Miss you!

Amy said...

obviously rascal wrapped himself. c'mon. like there was ever any doubt :) unless of course stella did it in retaliation for him pushing her off of the back of the couch!

Anonymous said...

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