Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family visit, the Tetons and Yellowstone

A lot's been going on over the last month. Mom and Dad Hardy came to visit for a long weekend, and we had a great visit with good weather. Dad and I got to check out an old dodge at a ranch on Antelope island.

Antelope is an island in the Great Salt Lake connected by causeway. Besides antelope and mule deer, there is a thriving herd of bison that you run into often along the roads. Each year they round them up, count them, and send extras throughout the west to replenish what was once a huge population.

Mom and Dad and the salt lake.

We had a great visit, and miss you mom and dad! Every once in a while, I think about our visit home next summer, how great it will be to see everyone, and how many Hoagies I will eat.
In late Oct, Esther and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary in Jackson, WY. It's a cool little town, pretty expensive though! Just outside of town is Grand Teton National Park, and just past that is Yellowstone NP. Wow, everything you heard growing up is true. These places are amazing!

One of the hightlights was eating breakfast at a Park Service lodge. My instinct said it wasn't going to be good, being Government run and all! But they really make these lodges special, authentic and hearty. What a great breakfast staring at the reflection of 12000 ft peaks on the lake...

Old Faithful in Yellowstone was awesome, pictures just wouldn't do it justice. Back in town, we found a store that had a mounted, world record Polar Bear that was over 9 feet high. Esther was so busy shopping, she jumped and screamed when she turned around to this guy! We are wondering if this will resemble storm when she is full could happen. :)

We sure miss everybody. Heard it's cold back east! Been pretty tropical in these parts, in the 50's everyday. I'm a little worried about ski season....


Stephanie Horjus said...

I LOVED this update - I've really been missing you guys this past week - it was a ROUGH week! I saw on facebook Esther lost her cell so I'll have to give her a call this week and catch up! I LOVE the pictures here.. as I scrolled through I loved each one more :) Beautiful mountains reflecting in the water.... such peaceful pictures :)

Besther said...

Well Stephers, you'll have to bring your man on a western road trip! We miss you too, glad your rough week is over and it's the weekend.

We miss Philly and hoagies too... it's good to keep in touch! Also, Esther has bluetooth now on her cell phone. I think she flushed it on purpose!

Stephanie H. said...

HAH! We will come out west as soon as we can afford it! Who knows when that will be! You guys coming back east anytime soon???
I bet Esther flushed it on purpose too :) Have a great Sunday! Give each other a hug from me

Crystal said...

Congrats on 3 years--kinda unbelievable sometimes, isn't it? Here's to many many more!

We actually had some snow here, which stuck around for about 12 hours! It's been pretty cold lately--hopefully that means a snowy winter!

Miss you guys! And the pictures are gorgeous--so jealous of the views you guys have!