Monday, October 20, 2008

Why we need a condo......

Ok, we really do love this house. But man, so much work! We were marginally lazy this summer, and now that winter is looming on the horizon, we've been cranking out the work, replacing a fence/gate, cleaning out the gutters, etc. But our big accomplishment over the summer was refinishing the floor of the last upstairs bedroom. Since Esther was here to take pictures, we figured we'd post about that.

We learned that some rental places have MUCH better equipment! Using this sander was way better than the last one. Unfortunately, there are plenty of horizontal lines left in the floors of some of the other rooms from the beat up drum of the last sander.

When you're done with the drum sander, you get a really well-defined edge along all walls. That's where the edger comes in!

This thing is fun to use, but after bending over around the periphery of the room, it's really hard to straighten back out. Definitely the hardest part of the job.

Staining is the most rewarding. You get to see the floor dramatically change to the color you like (hopefully).

Ahhh... the polyurethane.... They say you should use one of those really good filtration masks, the kind that really protect you from the chemicals you're breathing.... I do highly recommend those. But my limited home-repair experiences have been short on the protection side of things. So learned that if you don't use the proper mask, ever 200 square feet or so of spreading polyurethan is like 1 beer. Last summer, I did about 1200 square feet while Esther was away.. .and felt it!

And yeah, we forgot to get one last picture of the room complete. We'll get it on here someday. It's great to have this room done and really feel like we're in a bigger place than our 1 bedroom apt in good ole Lafayette Hill PA!! We miss everybody. I've been able to take in some of the Philly sports action at Iggy's sports bar in Ogden. I ordered a beer there, and when I finished it, the waitress came up and said, "If you want another beer, you'll have to order food. I was able to serve you the first beer, because of your 'INTENT' to order food".... Ahhh Utah. Mind you, this is 3.2 beer, limited in alcohol content. So silly.


Jessie said...

They look fabulous! I love hardwood floors. Good work. You guys have really done a good job with fixing up your home.

Stephanie Horjus said...

I like that.. "your INTENT to order food..." they give you the benefit of a doubt.. :)

the floor looks great!

Crystal said...

wow, the floor looks amazing! very impressive!

i guess i should update the old blog...most of the time, i'm too busy during the day, and by the time he goes to bed at night, i'm too exhausted to think that much!

so you're following philly sports? you must be loving the world series then! it's phillies-mania around here!!!

as always, miss you two!

Besther said...

heck yeah Crystal! We're catching as much of the games as we can. It's just not the same without real hoagies and yeungling though. I was gonna get on you about your blog, it's way old!

Anonymous said...

Ben, I'm totally cheering for the Phils! I REALLY wanted it to be my boys (the good 'ole Sox- as in RED in case anyone's confused) beating you in the World Series but since the Rays took us in Game 7... I am all about my favorite NL team winning AND beating the Rays! Listening to the end of the game now! Maybe tonight! Oh and the room looks great too! Miss you guys!

Crystal said...

well, darlings, it's been updated, with pictures! i can't believe how big he's getting! i think you'll be surprised too..

Stephanie said...

In case you guys hadn't heard.. Ana Shoemaker gave birth to Judson Roger on Sunday morning (like 3ish am). I don't remember his birth weight or anything, but I heard they're both doing well. I'll let you know when I hear more.

Anonymous said...

Um, Im totally impressed! THat's a beautiful floor :)