Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hangin with the locals

So, it's been great that Esther's been able to keep this blog up and running. Through the long, Utah summer, Ben kind of went off the radar. So I'm figured I'd jot a few thoughts down. It was a good summer. We re-finished the last upstairs bedroom floor, got the room painted, and then filled it in with all the stuff that got thrown into the guest room. So it feels really good to have an upstairs that is functional, and is actually bigger than the 1 bedroom apartment we left in Philly!

And we just had our first big fall storm, that brought snow down to 7500 feet. Always exciting! Which brings us to.... anticipating.... Ski season!! Snowbasin, the big ski resort next to Ogden, didn't fair too well according to Ski Magazine's rankings this year. It was listed as the 30th best resort in the country. 30th???? Are you kidding? They said it had a lot to do with the fact that it only features skiing, and there are no on-mountain amenities like hotels, bars, or places to hang out with locals. Apparantly, they failed to notice the warm and comfy confines of our home here on good ole Van Buren ave. We have to say "ave", like you would if you were talking about NE Philly. It just feels better.

Anyway, should you feel motivated to visit Ogden, and the ski resort that inherits the basement of Ski Magazine's rankings, we must point out that there are lots of crazy, interesting locals here to hang out with in town for your complete apres ski enjoyment.

As follows:

Harley: Kind of a tease, tickles you with his feather-duster tail, but he's all heart and likes beer. Well, he sniffs the cap when you pop it off.

Stella: Well, if you even see her, she'll have the most attitude. Which will make Philly people quite at home. She's not Utah-shy, and well, we won't comment on her driving. She's really enjoying the ongoing remodeling we've been up to.

Rascal: He will purr at 80 decibels, and then (affectionately) BITE you.

Storm: She will sniff your crotch.

So there you have it. Don't be fooled by any shallow journalism. Snowbasin rocks, and hopefully will be blessed by another banner snow year.

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Stephanie said...

I, personally, love the locals... Although I have yet to meet Storm.

I will not be coming for ski season - seeing as I HATE the cold, skiing, and snow. But might have to convince Ben to come visit soon after tax season is over... although we were talking about going to Hawaii... the choices in life :)

Miss you guys!