Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great October Utah Snowstorm

Woke up this morning to quite a snowstorm at our house.

Storm and I went out on the trails to hike around, and got to see some of the aspens that still had their leaves. This was the trail that we hiked. (Esther stayed home and drank warm things!)

Storm loved it, and now it's obvious that she's not quite as white as we thought.

It is a little wierd to get all this snow, and we haven't even raked up leaves or had Halloween yet. I had to go out and pick the last tomatoes before tonight's hard freeze, which just felt wierd. We ended up with about 6 inches of snow. Fortunately, we didn't lose power with all the leaves still on the trees. Our last big rose bloom looked great in the snow. We'll miss it!


Stephanie said...

that's absolutely crazy! it was a warm 70-something here today! people were wearing shorts!!!

We got Esther on facebook, time to get you on there too Ben!

Besther said...

eh, I'm still fighting it and living vicariously through Esther. Hey, how come you guys don't blog? It'd be great to read what you're up to!

Stephanie said...

I dont blog because my life is boring. Maybe if we had kids... or pets!

Anonymous said...

That snow had better be GONE before I show up there! We had rushed to get there before the end of October so there would not be any of the white stuff!!

It looks beautiful, but so much better from a distance!