Tuesday, September 16, 2008

our weekend in Philly

Ok, so some of you may not have known we were home in Philly for a weekend...that is because it was just a weekend and we were focused on visiting with family and celebrating Ben's sister's wedding. Sorry we couldn't fit any friend visits in on this trip...hopefully next time! Stacey and Chris were married on Sat Sept 6th and although the weather was INSANE, the day was lovely. See our Flikr site link below and to the left for pics of the day.

Stacey, Chris and company planned an elegant and fun day. The dancing did not stop...even when the DJ said the night was over...and the guests were really fun. Congrats to the new Mrs. & Mr. P!

Another highlight of the trip was our visit with Logan...our 13 month old nephew! He is crazy cute and has the sweetest personality. I was really sad when he was shy at first b/c he doesn't know us, but he quickly warmed up and we were new best friends for two days! He is not just walking but climbing and running...he is working on talking and I was blessed to hear him say "moon" when we were standing outside just the two of us and pointing to the sky. He is such a delight and I am so proud to be his aunt! I will post one of my favorite pics of him and a video that is just so cute.

This is Logan with Uncle Travis...they will obviously be lifelong friends...so cute! Enjoy!!!


~Seth and Nancy~ said...

small world! i was looking at an old friends pictures on facebook (WHEN are you going to get an account?!)...we went to school together growing up and she recently added me as a friend. anyway...i saw some pictures of her brother's wedding and there was a girl that looked A LOT like you sitting in a carriage. i asked her what her name was and she said "esther"! i think her brother's name is steve...her name is heather kreis. so random!

The Speaker of the House said...

Yeah, whatever... we were in Utah last week but were WAY too busy to hang out with y'all. Maybe next time...

Stephanie said...

So an update.... We now have 6 expectant mothers at church. Sarah Hause, Christy Hall, and Valerie are all engaged... we are growing by leaps and bounds!!!

Miss you guys!