Saturday, August 30, 2008


With this being an election year, and being married to a man who enjoys following politics, and living in Utah where everyone thinks Mitt Romney is the only man for the job, I cannot help but pay attention to what is going on. I was surprised but not shocked when McCain announced his running mate yesterday...fascinated is the better word. Ben & I were laughing together as we discussed yesterday how a year ago we would have thought it so strange that a woman would be a hunter/fisher/moose burger eater. Now, it just seems barely out of the norm but certainly acceptable. I have heard a lot of commentary on "McCain is too old, he'll die in office" "Obama will have to up security while he is in office" "I'd vote for him just to have a first black President", etc. I don't follow much of the early campainging because it makes me sick. They seem to have no character and just be out for one another's blood. So, when a friend posted this video on her blog, I thought, "it's not worth the time. these things are always editorial anyway." But, like any good blog reader, I pursued. I'm not sorry that I did. I do not believe that any president, pro-choice or pro-life will make any major changes in our laws for better or worse. I think it has to be more local than that. But, I do beleive that how a politician votes on these matters shows what he believes are core values. And how life is valued is very important in a world leader. I should say that I believe in everyone's right to life and that no one should have a right to compromise that life at any age or stage from conception to deathbed throws. I believe in the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, and (now more than ever, that I live in Utah) the seperation of church and state. I believe they can all work together if people would stop pushing agendas and start looking at what is best for our society and others and stop thinking of ourselves first.

Ok, enough of the soap box. Check out this video on how Obama has voted in relation to abortion. You will be shocked. I hope you are scared and sad as well, but this is important, not because of what he will do about this issue as President, but because of how he values life, the lives of American people and soldiers and how he values lives of countless unknowns who he will effect as a powerful world leader.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Where to start...

A lot has happened in the last month. We have been busy...and it isn't going to stop anytime soon. I want to blog about the Dog Park, Storm and the Cats, my new job, remodeling the last upstairs bedroom, other fun summer things like the Raptors Baseball game, the Hot Air Balloon Festival and the upcoming camping trip this weekend....

So for now I will tell you about my new job. I love being a school counselor. My new school is Lakeview Elementary in Roy, UT and it is a Title 1 School, which basically means we have a majority of low income families in our community. I love my new Principal. Her name is Cami and she is so fun and really cares about the students...and wants the staff to be connected and working together to create a safe and fun learning environment. The staff is amazing...I am so excited to actually have my own school and staff this year...instead of moving around like a gypsy. They have all been really supportive and friendly. I think I am going to have a great year!

One of the things that I am doing with this new job is to have my own blog, so you can check out Mrs. Hardy's Happenings at

I don't know how often I will write, but if you are interested in what I am doing at school, that will tell you! Of course if you want to hear the "good stuff" (all of the stories of crazy things kids do), you will have to keep checking here. I hope to have lots to tell about this year. K-6th grade promises to be fun and exciting everyday. The students start on Monday the 25th and I can't wait...although there is plenty to be done before they arrive! I don't have a real office yet. I have a conference room with no desk or office furniture yet...but I am excited to get set up and make things fun and kid-friendly. I'll let you know how that goes and try and get a couple of pics when I get things up and going. My first counselor's office! :):):)

Ok, so the Ogden Raptors Baseball game we went to a couple of weeks ago was kinda boring the first few innings, but it quickly picked up and was tied at the bottom of the ninth by a 3-run homerun. 3 innings later, the Raptors pulled out another homerun to win the game. It was a late night, but seeing everything so close is always fun and then the view is just incredible as you watch the sun set and the light hit the mounains and slowly disappear.

This baseball stadium was ranked 1st for best view of minor league parks...not hard to understand why. We enjoyed a really nice evening with our friends the Ooseterbans, the Fikkerts, the Kraffts and Ashley & Duane (who are getting married in November!)

And I cannot believe I almost forgot about this...

If you have never been to a rodeo, I highly recommend it. It is so fun...and hysterical. They actually have kids ride on sheep for as long as they can and call it Mutton Bustin'...yep, crazy! And seeing all of the animals and is very impressive, especially for us "city folk". This was the 2008 Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo the week of July 24th. Utah celebrates Pioneer Days as the days the pioneers settled the valley and it is bigger than the 4th of July...with events like parades, rodeos and all kinds of stuff going on all week. You wouldn't believe it! Anyway, this was our first ever rodeo and now I am hooked. One of these days I'll actually get on a horse myself. I hope!

One of the biggest rodeos in the US is in Cheyenne, WY every summer...maybe we'll hit that one in the next few years...that would be so fun...anyone want to join us?