Thursday, July 17, 2008

What I did on summer vacation

  • Natta visited and we saw some really cool Irish Dance

  • There are always the Mountains with the gorgeous wildflowers
  • Took Storm to the Dog Park

  • Drove from Ogden to Manhattan Beach, CA

  • Sat on the beach and played in the Pacific Ocean

  • Visited with Grandma, Grandpa, Katers, Jake, and a bunch of other Hollers!

  • Saw a horizon of fireworks on the 4th (cause we were too late to find a parking spot to see just one show up close...oops)

  • Spent Katers' 25th Birthday with her at Redondo Beach and the Hermosa Saloon. We definitely observed some middle-aged my cousin Rhea likes to put it. :)

  • Drove from Manhattan Beach to Las Vegas and stayed a night on the Strip in the Stratosphere!

  • Drove from Las Vegas back to Ogden to see my 3 cats and puppy!!! The desert is HOT

  • Took Storm to the Dog Park...again and again and again. :) (we see everything from toy greyhounds to st. bernard's, it is SO FUN)

  • Had an Ice Cream Party with our Church

  • Went to the first Ogden Farmer's Market of the summer!

  • Taught about original sin in Children's Church...yep, 4 year olds don't quite grasp it, but what are you gonna do? haha

  • LOGAN MARK HOLLER turned one year old on July 11th!!!!!! (we were so bummed to miss it)

  • Took Storm to the Vet to be worries, she is already back to normal after only 2 days...that's our girl!

  • Went shopping with Jamie and her kids Micah and Lydia (Lydia is 2 and learning to talk and her name for me is Atu...hehe)

  • Clean the kitchen, Laundry, Vacuum, Costco run, the usual stuff for Esther when not working...also hanging out with "My Friends"

  • Ben is working on painting and refinishing the floor of the last upstairs room! yay!
  • Reading lots of books like The Kite Runner, Ragamuffin Gospel and the Narnia series
  • Only turning the AC on from 4 to 9pm! LOVE the dry climate!!


Crystal said...

you stayed in the stratosphere? i am SO jealous!

did you do the thrill rides at the top? i did one, and LOVED it!

new baby pics will be posted as soon as i can. our desktop computer died, so i haven't been able to upload anything in some time...

and ben and sarah dodd had a healthy baby boy via c-section!

Besther said...

Thanks Crystal! I finally got a chance to really see Steph's wedding pictures... all of you guys (You, Jim, da baby, Steph and Ben) look GREAT! We miss you guys... And for some reason I can see your blog... It says it's set to private. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Esther will help me.

Crystal said...

oh, ben, i'm sorry! i'll check to see if i set it that way...let me know if you still can't see it.

we miss you too!!!! can't wait till you come back to town!

stephanie (no-longer-Booth) said...

Miss you guys - we haven't talked since before I was a married woman!! (haha)....

Crystal - I can't see your blog either.. not that I *need* to cuz I see you and Jay all the time, but I like seeing pictures of him whenever I want to.

Natalie said...

one word: wow. i liked that post.

~Seth and Nancy~ said...

looks like you guys have been keeping very busy!
loved the one of storm by the AC...winchester does the same thing. i think he'd crawl inside there if he could :-)

Kate said...

So, you definitely forgot one...and you still have time to fit it in during your summer....JOIN FACEBOOK! :) Love you! :)