Monday, June 16, 2008

New Doggie!

Wow, we've been busy with a new puppy! Our new pal is 4 months old, and we're told it's a Great Pyrenees/Collie mix, although we are completely convinced that the mix is with Lab, not collie.

She's a sweety, no accidents in the house after a week, and her only flaw is the desire to chew EVERYTHING! So, Esther has me convinced on the merits of "crating" the dog.

It's certainly fair, she gets lots of exercise and play time and time outside. Over night, and when we can't watch her inside, in she goes to her "lair", and she sleeps and chews her rawhide. Since I got to name our last cat at our zoo, Stella, Esther got to pick this one out. So say hi to "Storm", like the chick in the X-Men movies with white hair.

So, that's the big news here. We had a really great friend visit us last weekend which I'm sure Esther will blog about soon. She came from Portland, Maine, and endured many connections and a cancelled flight in Chicago.

I'm looking forward to switching up from a more humble Defense Department agency (Air Force, or average Joe's), and going over to the Defense Logistics Agency (Globo-Gym). Esther's kicked it into summer gear now that she's not in school, and I catch her each night when I return home, bent over the stove, with apron on, house in order.

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

yay Storm! to be honest, coming home to a quiet house was a little bit of a letdown-- I miss Storm, Rascal, Harley, and Stella...oh and of course you and Es! :) Stay tuned for lots of pics on Snapfish! Thanks again, it was so nice visiting you both and seeing Utah.


Stephanie Horjus said...

Welcome to the family, Storm! (still working on your piece of mail.. sorry, printer was broken last week!)

Anonymous said...

and by quiet i meant empty.

we have family friends visiting from Manheim, PA this week! they came to my house tonight. yay for PA friends!


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

so cute! we did the crate thing for our dog as thing! we call it his "house"...doesn't sound quite as bad as "cage" :-)

Kate said...

What a beautiful dog!!!

Natalie said...

can't wait to meet Storm next week! we need to talk sometime before the weekend... xoxo

Beth said...

WOW! Three cats and now one dog. Storm is so cute! I like how Es picked the name from X-Men- that's awesome. : ) How do the cats react to Storm?