Saturday, June 21, 2008

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

So I will show you lots of pics and use only a few words...well, relatively few. :)

Here is the puppy being a sleepyhead in her X-large dog crate. Yep, I think she'll be a big one!

She likes to see what we are eating for dinner. MMMMMMMMMM....sorry, only puppy food for you Storm!

A friend of Ben's at work gave Storm a toy pacifier to chew on, it is mint flavored and she loves it! So funny to see our dog with a pacifier...but cute too, huh?

I just love when animals lay down and roll on their back. Rascal does this a lot and it always makes me here is Storm showing us her belly...and below is her face while she lays like this...she looks like a totally different dog when her ears point up like that...and how cute is her pink puppy tongue?

Ben and our pastor, Don, went on a bike ride on the Saturday morning before we picked up Storm. They ran into some weather in the mountains that they were not expecting.

Yep, that is snow. It snowed on them and got them all gross! This pic above is the view they had of Ogden from the top of the trail. Not much of a view that day.

The end of their ride. They look tired and gross but very pleased with themselves. :)

I couldn't help myself with this one...check out the feet. His socks were gross, but his feet stayed pretty clean. As for the rest of him, well....that is no farmers tan folks.

Some of you know my dear friend Jenny Porter. She lives in Maine and we became very close friends in college where we lived in the same dorm and became prayer partners (with a couple of other girls too). We have stayed close and I was THRILLED when she told me she was using vacation time to visit us in Utah. She arrived the Monday after we got Storm and was such a trooper about the new puppy in the house. In fact, I took Storm to the airport to pick JP up and to greet her she tried to climb in the front seat. JP took her right in her lap and didn't even flinch. What a friend! We had a blast while she visited. This pic is at the Ogden Riverwalk. Yep, we all matched. Not intended at all, but funny once we realized it.

Storm's first visit to the river was funny b/c she was scared to go to the water until we all went with her. Such a baby.

Here is the meadow of the hike we did which was the same as the bike ride above. We had MUCH better weather. Check out the meadow and view. This is about 1/2 way up the trail.

One view from the top of the trail. I love that you can see the rocks jutting out and the snow left on the mtn top. So pretty.

Our triumphant group at the crest of the ridge. Thanks for visiting JP! You rock! I can't wait for your next visit when you bring friends or family and we do Yellowstone and Southern Utah! In the meantime, these memories are classic!

And lastly, yes this is Storm in snow. JP & I took her on a drive to Wyoming and back and trooped through the mountains up to 9,000 some odd feet. There was still a good covering of snow there so Storm got what we think is her first romp in the snow. She enjoyed eating it and laying in it but was a little cautious of it too. We are thinking about spending the afternoon on a similar drive to find snow. It may reach 97 degrees here in the valley. Snow would be welcome!

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Doggie!

Wow, we've been busy with a new puppy! Our new pal is 4 months old, and we're told it's a Great Pyrenees/Collie mix, although we are completely convinced that the mix is with Lab, not collie.

She's a sweety, no accidents in the house after a week, and her only flaw is the desire to chew EVERYTHING! So, Esther has me convinced on the merits of "crating" the dog.

It's certainly fair, she gets lots of exercise and play time and time outside. Over night, and when we can't watch her inside, in she goes to her "lair", and she sleeps and chews her rawhide. Since I got to name our last cat at our zoo, Stella, Esther got to pick this one out. So say hi to "Storm", like the chick in the X-Men movies with white hair.

So, that's the big news here. We had a really great friend visit us last weekend which I'm sure Esther will blog about soon. She came from Portland, Maine, and endured many connections and a cancelled flight in Chicago.

I'm looking forward to switching up from a more humble Defense Department agency (Air Force, or average Joe's), and going over to the Defense Logistics Agency (Globo-Gym). Esther's kicked it into summer gear now that she's not in school, and I catch her each night when I return home, bent over the stove, with apron on, house in order.

Life is good.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Over Memorial Day weekend we took a drive up to Nampa, Id, outside of Boise and spent 2 days with our friends, Natalie, Aaron (Oz) and Caleb. We got to see their beautiful house that they have spent a lot of the last year remodeling. I am so impressed with the work they have done! Nat and I were college roommates and were friends from French Creek Bible Conference...aka camp...from sometime in our childhood. So we always have a lot to talk about and can laugh and cry together over anything and everything. It is so nice to see how well our husbands get along as Ben & Aaron have a lot of fun together too! Their son Caleb is 4 already and a total ham like his mom :P but is also really well behaved and a joy to be around. We drove up after Ben's return from a business trip on Friday and didn't arrive until after 9pm. Saturday we had a lot of fun taking Caleb to Zoo Boise-that is what it is called, not the Boise Zoo, but Zoo Boise...although, I have to admit that I may have enjoyed the animals more than he did...we still all had a really fun time. That night Nat's niece, a totally fun and sweet girl named Kaitlyn (probably not spelling that right at all) babysat Caleb so we could go out to dinner and a movie on a double date. We saw the new Indiana Jones movie and all enjoyed it....I personally had a lot of fun watching it. I like adventure/fantasy stuff (thanks to my dad) and thought this was totally unbelievable fun! Go with no expectations but to laugh, turn your head once or twice and maybe grab your date's hand in anticipation of what crazy thing is coming next...:P Sunday we enjoyed attending their PCA church service and were invited to stay and have lunch, playing some ultimate frisbee and eating dinner with the church. I always love quality time with friends, and this visit was no disappointment...Thank you Nat and Aaron for hosting us...and Caleb for being so fun! We look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible...end of the month, right??? So after all of that fun we were really tired and hit the road for the 5 hour drive home. The scenery is very pretty and we drove through some rain and saw several rainbows across the sky from fields to mountains...totally cool to be reminded of God's love for us and our hope in His promises! Memorial day itself was spent working and cleaning around the house and then we asked two currently enlisted friends and a formerly enlisted friend, all Air Force, to join us for a cook out and some fellowship. Justin, Veronica and Mandy & her two kids were a lot of fun! They are some of our best friends here in Utah and it was so great to recognize their service to our country on Memorial Day by sharing our home and food with them. We value them as soldiers, friends and part of our family of God! This was the first Memorial Day that I had ever spent with military friends. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the holiday and for my really think about their service and sacrifice and to thank them for it. Praise God for our military friends and their families! Ok, that about wraps up our big Memorial Day weekend! I only have 4 days of my school year left...and then Jenny P comes to visit! YAY!