Thursday, May 22, 2008

I signed my life away...

Well, I signed on for a new job next school year. :P Yep! I will be the full-time elementary counselor at Lakeview Elementary (k-6) in Roy city for the 2008-2009 school year...and beyond! I am super-excited to work with the Principal at Lakeview and feel confident that we will have a fun and productive work environment. But this job will be a very different position for me from anything I have done so far, so I am anticipating a large challenge. I feel up to it, but it will nonetheless be a challenge. :)

Working full time in one elementary school all year is a rare find in Utah. Most k-6 schools have a half time counselor per school and most counselors take on 2 schools to make a full-time contract. So, working all five days at one school is a blessing! In fact, I had a conversation with a co-worker last week who has always lived in this part of the country. She was commenting on all of the tasks that a part-time counselor is expected to perform in one school, and I explained that in PA most (if not all) public elementary schools have their own full time Principals, Vice Principals, Counselor, and School Nurse. She was shocked to hear about the staffing of an elementary school...In Utah, a Vice Principal is hard to find in an elementary school, and school nurses have a "cone" in which they work which covers several schools and are called in only for emergencies and hearing checks. Secretaries hand out ice packs, prescription meds, etc. It is a whole different world.

So needless to say, I have been offered a great job...oh, and did i mention it is only about 10 minutes from our house...15 minutes tops!!!!! wooo hooooo!!!! No more hour long commute each way and no more weekly gas fill-ups! In fact, Roy is just west of the base where Ben works and we may be able to car pool some of the time. How sweet would that be? The way gas prices are going these days, it is NO JOKE to fill up weekly just for a commute.

How much is gas in your area? Here we are at about $3.70 a gallon!


Stephanie can-you-believe-i'm-getting-married-in-1-day?! said...

At the cheap gas station - i just passed it about 30 mins ago.. it's up to $3.82 a gallon.

Missing you guys this weekend. I'll send you pics!!

Besther said...

yay steffers...we can't wait to see the pics of your big you!

Beth said...

I love you, Esther! You are going to be the BEST full-time elementary counselor. Praise God for all the good things that this new job will bring. xoxo

ps- Give Natta a big hug for me, ok? Have fun!

Crystal said...

congrats, esther! that's so exciting!

i'm getting a CD of pictures from the wedding today, so i'll make sure you get to see them...i'll email you the link to the site once i upload them.

and i should have some new pictures of the baby too--can you believe he's six weeks old???

love and miss you guys! xoxoxo