Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ok, we're back. Been pretty busy around these parts. We had family visit towards the end of March, and wow, did we get a lot in. My cousin Jen, her husband Andrew, Zack and Luke showed up looking for some adventures in Utah, and it was a blast trying to keep up.

Above: Our dorky cousins. Ha!

After a good day skiing Andrew took us to a Scuba hotspot that we had never heard of in Utah, called Homestead Crater. God made this awesome limestone cave that is full of 85 ft of thermally heated snowmelt from the Wasatch mountains. The water was 100 degrees, just right for soaking, and the depth and clear water allow for some great Scuba. Andrew got me down to 20 ft, which was scarey enough. It's a really cool adventure that we can't wait to show people who come out to the Utahness.

We also went to the Salomon Center in Ogden, and all the guys went indoor skydiving together. I hadn't done it before, I guess because we're really cheap! But with the family in town, it was a great bonding experience to do together.

Above: Ben Flies!! Fortunately, you can't see the slobber. Indoor skydiving tip- keep your mouth closed!!

Yeah, we rock!

Besides being on mom/dad/brothers/sisters withdrawl, when the our cousins left we added them to the list. Thanks again for coming out you guys!!

So, on a work note, I've been told it's very likely that I will be transferred from the Air Force to the Defense Logistics Agency this spring/ summer. No biggie, same job and location, and I volunteered for this change. I'll always love the Air Force for bringing us to this really cool place! But I'm thinking that DLA has a similar mentality in contracting as the Navy, which I sure miss!!

After some cold wet days, we're supposed to get our first string of 70's, with lots of sun, starting this weekend. The ski resort closes April 20. They still have TEN FEET of snow lying around. So this Saturday, I'm planning on skiing during the day, and then grilling dinner in shorts and a t-shirt!

Ok, think that's it. Quick shout out to Steph! Way to go on the upcoming wedding! We're sorry we can't be there, but are so happy for you!!

Ben and Es


Crystal said...

hey my favorite utah residents! love the new post; so jealous of the indoor skydiving and stuff! looks like you're really getting to enjoy the place.

no baby here yet, but Valerie had hers at a little after midnight last night--a beautiful girl named Willow Grace! now i'm just waiting my own turn!

stephanie said...

Ben and I are sorry to hear you can't make it for the wedding.. We'll have to take a vacation to Utah then so you can meet him!!

You finally went skydiving?! COOL! I remember watching those guys when I was there.

Val had her baby, as Crystal said.. I'll be going to see her this weekend, I'll take some pics and email them to you so you can see what she looks like. Val says she's wonderful!

Love you guys!

Natalie said...

Nice to have you back... miss you guys!

Beth said...

For some reason I always have trouble reading your posts. It doesn't always show every sentence (esp when I scroll up and down)... does this happen to anyone else? Hmm... Weird.

Miss you both so very much!