Sunday, April 27, 2008

The End Of An Era

The Holler family marked the end of an era last week. The youngest of us turned 18 years old. That is right, Alec is now an adult. WoW!

Happy 18th Birthday Alibabwa...we love you and miss you!

btw my dad is still recovering from his surgery...he lost a lot of weight but looks good, don't you think?

Check out Logan all excited...his 1st birthday will be on 7/11/08...I guess that will start a new era for the Holler family. Funny how things begin and end. Either way, it's happening a little too fast for me...check out how big Logan is...he is walking now and trying to keep up with his uncles. I miss him. It makes me sad to not see him grow up except from far away.

Here they are...the new baby and the old baby. Can any of you remember Alec as a baby? I sure can...I changed him, fed him, held him, taught him to read, picked him up from kindergarten, took him to Frida's for penny candy and to Reeves Park to play. I saw him go from Tball to All Stars, from bikes to cars and next he's graduating and going off to college. So crazy. I am so proud of I am proud of all of my brothers and my sister. :)

Speaking of changes...check out Logan and one of his 2 great-grandmas...Louise, you look great!

Logan is already showing us how he plans to put those long piano fingers to good use! hahaha check out aunt katers...i miss that smile and laugh! She happens to be in Scotland at the moment being trained for her new business job. She will return to the KingOfPrussia office in a couple of weeks but um yeah, SHE IS IN SCOTLAND right now. (so jealous!)

Anyone else have any comments about this changing of eras for the Holler family? I'm still in shock myself!


Crystal said...

oh my goodness--fridas for penny candy!!!! i used to go there with one of my TSS clients! thanks for bringing back that memory--and i do love reeves park!

i'll update my page as soon as i can upload the recent pictures--needless to say, Jay keeps me pretty busy these days!

Kate said...

Hey Esther!
Thanks! I can't really remember what you had had said/asked, but I think you should join facebook. It makes communication much easier. haha :)