Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ben's 29th Birthday!

For Ben's birthday this year-his first in Utah, his first without his parents and family-we thought we would make the most of the day and plan to start with a hike. Some friends met us at the house and then we drove the 7 blocks up to the trail head on 29th street and headed for the waterfall.

This is Justin, Esther (me), Ashley, Jim and the birthday boy himself as we almost reached the top! There was A LOT of snow up there so I decided the view was good enough from there...I'll wait a few more weeks for the rest of the snow to melt. ;)

This is Ben & Jim at the top of the trail...the foot of the waterfall. You may recognize this scene from last summer pics when we first took this hike...but now it was icy and snowy...way cool!

Ben never gets tired of this mountain, named Ben Lomond. It is very dramatic and the snow only enhances the drama...this was our view coming back down the trail.

After our hike, we met up with more friends to celebrate with a couple of other birthday boys.

These are the birthday boys! Don (our pastor), Ben, and Nathan. Don & Ben share April 26th as their birthday and Nathan's is the 21st. So a group of us planned to meet at the Shooting Star Saloon (mentioned in previous blogs) but it was closed for "spring cleaning" which we all found ironic b/c it is NOT known for it's cleanliness. So we looked to our friend Steve to lead us to a good substitute hangout and we were NOT dissapointed by his choice. Kelly 's Roadhouse is a biker bar out on the way to the middle of nowhere.

Seven of us carpooled in Mandy's minivan and the others came in sedans and SUVs...but here we are, all Presbyterian and looking for some beer and food! In the pic is Jim, Ben, Ashley, Justin, Joleen, Kathryn, Elizibeth, Steve, Mandy, Jamie, Nathan & Don.

The inside was really colorful-in everyway you can imagine. I decided not to post any pics of the signs, pictures and other interesting things adorning the walls and bar. :) But we had a great time chatting, playing pool and...

...riding tricycles???? YEP! Kelly himself helped us fix the two trics so we could race them around his outdoor tricycle track. Note the "welcome bikers" sign...hehe...we can pretend, can't we? hehehehehehe

One of the best pictures of the day has to be this one! Steve & Don had no idea that as they sat and watched the races, they were dubbed "biker trash" because of the sign behind them. haha...i mentioned that Don is our pastor but did I mention that Steve is an elder? :)

I think all in all, it was a pretty sucessful birthday party. After all, what's a birthday party without a tricycle ride?

Last but not least, here is the best video I had of the races...Justin vs. Jim. Enjoy!


Stephanie (So-soon-to-be-Horjus!) said...

HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY BEN!!!! I'm so sad that you're so far away (or maybe we're the ones who are so far away!) But I'm so glad you've made friends who are as crazy as the two of you!

On another note... 27 Days!!! It's so crazy! It was 7 months ago I was there telling you we had picked out the ring.. And the wedding is SO close! It won't be the same without you two, but it just gives Ben and I an excuse to come for vacation :)

Love you both!

Crystal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEN!!! Love the tricycle pictures--looks like it was a great time! Way to live it up!

Steve Kelley said...

That was a great birthday party, even though my birthday was a month away!

FYI Ben Lomond is the mountain used in the Paramount Film Company logos. So Ben isn't the only one to like it. Maybe it was named after him?

Proud to be your Biker Trash Elder!