Sunday, April 27, 2008

The End Of An Era

The Holler family marked the end of an era last week. The youngest of us turned 18 years old. That is right, Alec is now an adult. WoW!

Happy 18th Birthday Alibabwa...we love you and miss you!

btw my dad is still recovering from his surgery...he lost a lot of weight but looks good, don't you think?

Check out Logan all excited...his 1st birthday will be on 7/11/08...I guess that will start a new era for the Holler family. Funny how things begin and end. Either way, it's happening a little too fast for me...check out how big Logan is...he is walking now and trying to keep up with his uncles. I miss him. It makes me sad to not see him grow up except from far away.

Here they are...the new baby and the old baby. Can any of you remember Alec as a baby? I sure can...I changed him, fed him, held him, taught him to read, picked him up from kindergarten, took him to Frida's for penny candy and to Reeves Park to play. I saw him go from Tball to All Stars, from bikes to cars and next he's graduating and going off to college. So crazy. I am so proud of I am proud of all of my brothers and my sister. :)

Speaking of changes...check out Logan and one of his 2 great-grandmas...Louise, you look great!

Logan is already showing us how he plans to put those long piano fingers to good use! hahaha check out aunt katers...i miss that smile and laugh! She happens to be in Scotland at the moment being trained for her new business job. She will return to the KingOfPrussia office in a couple of weeks but um yeah, SHE IS IN SCOTLAND right now. (so jealous!)

Anyone else have any comments about this changing of eras for the Holler family? I'm still in shock myself!

Ben's 29th Birthday!

For Ben's birthday this year-his first in Utah, his first without his parents and family-we thought we would make the most of the day and plan to start with a hike. Some friends met us at the house and then we drove the 7 blocks up to the trail head on 29th street and headed for the waterfall.

This is Justin, Esther (me), Ashley, Jim and the birthday boy himself as we almost reached the top! There was A LOT of snow up there so I decided the view was good enough from there...I'll wait a few more weeks for the rest of the snow to melt. ;)

This is Ben & Jim at the top of the trail...the foot of the waterfall. You may recognize this scene from last summer pics when we first took this hike...but now it was icy and snowy...way cool!

Ben never gets tired of this mountain, named Ben Lomond. It is very dramatic and the snow only enhances the drama...this was our view coming back down the trail.

After our hike, we met up with more friends to celebrate with a couple of other birthday boys.

These are the birthday boys! Don (our pastor), Ben, and Nathan. Don & Ben share April 26th as their birthday and Nathan's is the 21st. So a group of us planned to meet at the Shooting Star Saloon (mentioned in previous blogs) but it was closed for "spring cleaning" which we all found ironic b/c it is NOT known for it's cleanliness. So we looked to our friend Steve to lead us to a good substitute hangout and we were NOT dissapointed by his choice. Kelly 's Roadhouse is a biker bar out on the way to the middle of nowhere.

Seven of us carpooled in Mandy's minivan and the others came in sedans and SUVs...but here we are, all Presbyterian and looking for some beer and food! In the pic is Jim, Ben, Ashley, Justin, Joleen, Kathryn, Elizibeth, Steve, Mandy, Jamie, Nathan & Don.

The inside was really colorful-in everyway you can imagine. I decided not to post any pics of the signs, pictures and other interesting things adorning the walls and bar. :) But we had a great time chatting, playing pool and...

...riding tricycles???? YEP! Kelly himself helped us fix the two trics so we could race them around his outdoor tricycle track. Note the "welcome bikers" sign...hehe...we can pretend, can't we? hehehehehehe

One of the best pictures of the day has to be this one! Steve & Don had no idea that as they sat and watched the races, they were dubbed "biker trash" because of the sign behind them. haha...i mentioned that Don is our pastor but did I mention that Steve is an elder? :)

I think all in all, it was a pretty sucessful birthday party. After all, what's a birthday party without a tricycle ride?

Last but not least, here is the best video I had of the races...Justin vs. Jim. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ok, we're back. Been pretty busy around these parts. We had family visit towards the end of March, and wow, did we get a lot in. My cousin Jen, her husband Andrew, Zack and Luke showed up looking for some adventures in Utah, and it was a blast trying to keep up.

Above: Our dorky cousins. Ha!

After a good day skiing Andrew took us to a Scuba hotspot that we had never heard of in Utah, called Homestead Crater. God made this awesome limestone cave that is full of 85 ft of thermally heated snowmelt from the Wasatch mountains. The water was 100 degrees, just right for soaking, and the depth and clear water allow for some great Scuba. Andrew got me down to 20 ft, which was scarey enough. It's a really cool adventure that we can't wait to show people who come out to the Utahness.

We also went to the Salomon Center in Ogden, and all the guys went indoor skydiving together. I hadn't done it before, I guess because we're really cheap! But with the family in town, it was a great bonding experience to do together.

Above: Ben Flies!! Fortunately, you can't see the slobber. Indoor skydiving tip- keep your mouth closed!!

Yeah, we rock!

Besides being on mom/dad/brothers/sisters withdrawl, when the our cousins left we added them to the list. Thanks again for coming out you guys!!

So, on a work note, I've been told it's very likely that I will be transferred from the Air Force to the Defense Logistics Agency this spring/ summer. No biggie, same job and location, and I volunteered for this change. I'll always love the Air Force for bringing us to this really cool place! But I'm thinking that DLA has a similar mentality in contracting as the Navy, which I sure miss!!

After some cold wet days, we're supposed to get our first string of 70's, with lots of sun, starting this weekend. The ski resort closes April 20. They still have TEN FEET of snow lying around. So this Saturday, I'm planning on skiing during the day, and then grilling dinner in shorts and a t-shirt!

Ok, think that's it. Quick shout out to Steph! Way to go on the upcoming wedding! We're sorry we can't be there, but are so happy for you!!

Ben and Es