Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring, Mooses and Skiing

Spring in Utah rocks. The snow is melting fast at our house, and it's hitting the 50's! The mountains are still cold and snowy, making for great skiing. Esther and I cleared out a day to go to Powder Mountain, and really enjoyed it. We've never seen such a blue sky before. Esther had one pretty bad fall. She bounced back pretty well. At the time, I couldn't point this out, but her wipeout was an official "Yard sale"..... her equipment was scattered across the trail.

On our way to and from the mountain we saw lots of moose. Hopefully we'll get an early spring for these guys.... they're really not doing well with the deep snow and are looking for food everywhere. In the newspaper they had a picture of one that was 7 blocks away from our house in Ogden. They were able to tranqualize it and move it safely.

Esther is looking forward to spring break in about two weeks, during which our cousins and family will be visiting. They've already located some hot springs for soaking and scuba diving, and there may also be some snow mobiling, skiing, and hiking going on.

As the new guy in our Air Force contracting branch, I've been sent off to 7 weeks of training off the base. Wow. I hear we get to wear jeans, and the classroom is right next to a Krispie Kreme shop, so can't wait for that light to blink on.

That's the latest... we're eagerly awaiting the first really warm day when we can crank open the windows. After all the crazy snow and cold, winter just seems to stop in early March and spring is now here.

Your Utah buddies, Ben and Esther


Beth said...

I miss you guys!

"Yard sale"- haha!

Crystal said...

yay! a new post! and moose sightings! i so want to see one! i was so disappointed when we went to maine and didn't see a single one. and you practically have them in your backyard!

you're trying to convince me to move there, aren't you? haha...

anyway, we miss you guys out here...and the countdown stands at 35 days of pregnancy remaining! woohoo!

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stephanie said...

I miss you guys!

They had my shower today after church. Your presence is surely missed here.

Steve Kelley said...

Cool moose photos!