Thursday, February 7, 2008

Too much of a good thing.....

So, Esther told me I shouldn't blog about snow so much, and I was going to try and honor that, but last night we came home from a meeting to find this in the ceiling:

It really has snowed. A lot. But I guess over 3 feet sitting on the roof isn't a good thing. One of the load-bearing studs was not fastened to a rafter in the attic. It was convieniently left against the plaster ceiling. As the roof sagged a bit, it had nowhere to go but through the plaster. So, nothing like burning vacation time up in the attic, sucking in insulation and fixing it! After bracing it as best as I could, I'm waiting now for a roofing company to come and clear off all the snow weight.

This picture was two storms ago....

We're pretty lucky though. On the other side of the canyon, they've gotten twice as much snow. Houses with porches built above ground have lost them, as the snow slides off it has enough weight to shear off the porch! Wildlife and Hunting groups are starting to feed herds of mule deer and moose as they can't forage anymore in over 6 feet of snow. It's a wierd Western controversy, because the herds are kept larger for hunting (what hunters want) and aren't thinned out by wolves or coyotes (who are killed off by cattle/ranching interests), so the West ends up with some herds that are larger than they should be.

Our front yard won't melt out for a while. The yard actually slopes down from the sidewalk to the street.... Our Honda is almost invisible.

Ok, for Esther's sake (she really has it rough with a long commute and snow every other day) we found a really nice TV cabinet (that's guy talk for the french word for TV cabinet that I can't spell). So it's been great to tidy up the living room, and close up the TV when we're not using it. The cats were intrigued with the new addition to the house.

Other than shoveling, we'll be straightening up the house in anticipation of Esther's Dad and Grandpa visiting over President's day weekend. We're hoping to show them a good time with a Star Burger, a Gondola ride, and hopefully a moose sighting. We'll keep you posted!


stephanie said...

OH MY!!!! A Lot of snow!!!!!

Pet the cats for me and have a grand time with the family coming to visit :)

Natalie said...

that was a very interesting read, thanks Ben!