Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catching up again!

I really wanted to post about the first family visit we have had since moving here in May. Mark and Bill, my dad & grandpa flew from LA to see us for President's day weekend. My dad actually flew to LA from Philly a few days before and then they came together. So we had a really nice visit with LOTS of sightseeing and eating out.

This pic is from out visit to nearby Antelope Island which is in the Great Salt Lake and has a causeway built out to it. It is a State Park and has a visitor's center and lots to see. This is Grandpa, myself and Ben enjoying our first Bison sighting at the visitor center...a neat piece of artwork, but nowhere near as cool as the real thing.

I stood behind Ben as he took some pics of the Bison about 50 yards away from us. They are rather large animals and can be aggressive, so intimidation is certainly a factor when they are in the wild like this.

Dad and Ben took a ski lift up to the peak of Mt Ogden from Snowbasin Ski Resort. It was pretty cold, so Grandpa & I opted for the world-class lodge, coffee and a cookie. :) The view was apparently quite a site...not to mention watching the expert skiers just hop right off of the peak into ungroomed territory. :) The view is of Ogden.

Here is the best pic of bison from our Antelope Island adventure. A herd was crossing the road we were travelling on and this guys stopped to drink from a puddle at the edge of the roadway...literally a few feet away from our stopped car. Pretty dang cool! We did see some antelope from the car as well, but they were too far away for pictures. I took time to apologize to them, though, that one of their brother's heads is now on the wall of our friends' house. Ben said he wasn't sorry b/c antelope steaks are yummy...yep, this is the west!

So I think Spring is finally on it's way with the sun back out and 50 degree weather this week. It can't come too soon this year. Although we are starting to see grass and curbs again, we won't be rid of the snow in our yards still for a few more really sunny days. I am so ready to be back out hiking and biking again. In the meantime we will try and get in a few more days of skiing and sledding. It really is fun, so we'll enjoy it while we can in the next month or so...but I am eager for the sun and warmth of May and June. SIGH...

In other news we are both official volunteers with YFC Teen Parents here in Ogden and are excited to be leaving in a few minutes for a meeting with the teens. Tonight's lessons are on Discipline and also Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene. I am so excited to get to know the teens and their kids. What a blessing to be a part of something that we are both passionate about. Please pray for our involvement, that God would use us in mighty ways in this ministry and that our hearts and minds would be open to His will as we see Him glorified. Also pray for the ministry and for our teens and other staff. Prayer is so powerful and these teens have lots of other powerful forces at work in their lives, we need all the help we can get to make an impact for Christ on them.

Ok, last but not least....Congrats to Matt and Theresa Clark on the birth of their son Cameron this week. I don't have any pics yet, but I will put them up when I get them. I am told that he is beautiful. His mom is a gorgeous Vietnamese woman and his dad is a handsome blonde irishman. I can't wait to see what gorgeous creation God has blessed them with in this young one. Congrats Aunt Kel!

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stephanie said...

So glad to see an update! Those Bison look soooo huge!!!! I don't blame you Esther for hiding behind Ben!

Miss you guys but glad to see you're having a blast with your new life in the west :)