Friday, January 18, 2008

Snowy Utah

Ok, so, it's about time Ben blogged. I'm glad Esther covered our trip home, we both loved seeing our families and friends. Nothing like that Pennsylvania people flavor that we've been missing so much.

UTAH TRIVIA: people here are very timid and shy. And they're terrible drivers ( I know, every state says they have bad drivers, but coming from PA, NJ, DE, NY, MD area, we've seen a lot and can testify that Utah is much worse). So that combo is really bad, because NOBODY HONKS THEIR HORNS!! You can see an almost iminent accident about to happen, and no horns go off. So , in a bit of a social experiment, we're honking when people deserve to be honked at. He he! Just passing around the PA flavor!

So, we were sad to leave PA, but what made things easier for me when we arrived was the boatload of snow that was waiting for us. Flying past the Rocky Mountains cloaked in snow on our arrival to Salt Lake was pretty thrilling, so I'm glad Esther put those pics in the last post. From about mid Dec to mid Jan, there was a snowstorm every few days. Each one was a couple inches, but last week we had a doozy. This storm parked right over Ogden, and when I got back from work there was 16 inches to shovel!

So on our lawn, the snow has settled down to about knee deep. The sidewalk is fun, almost like a tunnel because the snow is waist high. I'm loving it,and most people around here love it too. Most people ski, snowshoe or cross-country ski, and if you don't do any of those, you still like having drinking water in summer. So everybody at least appreciates the snow. One wierd consequence: There's many times more snow in the foothills and mountains, and the moose are having trouble finding food. So they're making their way into the northern parts of Ogden, munching on people's bushes. Needless to say, we are on the lookout for stray meeses at the Van Buren house, leaving nose smudges on all the windows (we are, not the mooses).

So, below our some pictures of all the snowy goodness. My buddy Chris from PA came out for a few days, and we skied at the real small resort closest to Ogden (Wolf Mountain).

This is Chris posing in front of the Wasatch backcountry. The mountains that border Ogden are making the shadow behind him.

Snow rocks!! There's a Dinosaur park in town that has life-size replicas of dinosaurs that you can walk through. But this snow guy is my favorite so far.

At Snowbasin, the snow is waist deep!And the parking lot has some awesome snow mountains!!

This is my neighbor buddy enjoying all the snow. He had some rockin forts built. They undid a lot of my shoveling... I'm getting old.And the pad all decked out in a foot and half of freshness.

Other than all the snow enjoyment, we've been trying to settle down and relax a bit. We'll be gradually checking out a ministry called Teen Parents, and we hope to help provide transportation for the teens involved from Ogden to the churches they meet at.

There's also a small possibility we'll take on a doggie for a few months....a budy's budy in the Air Force is deploying for 4 months and needs someone to watch his 1 year old Lab/Collie mix named Cody. So it may be a chance to see how a dog would fit into our lives, but we haven't committed yet. Will keep ya posted!!

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