Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ok, I know it's been a month...

When I last wrote we had just had a friend from Philadelphia visit and I had had my first Utah skiing experience. WHAT A DAY! Ben, Cheri & I had never skiied in powder and the day we went to Snowbasin it was snowing so we were so excited to see what the difference to East Coast ice skiing would be. The bunny slope was fun and gave us some confidence...except for when I skied directly into ungroomed powder to see what it would be like and was sent directly to my butt. It was a soft fall so I was laughing but realizing that I was not going to be a powder skiier right out of the gate. We then endeavored to take a 2000 foot gondola ride to the top of the mountain feeling confident enough to make our way down on what I expected to be mostly green (easy) slopes with a few blue (intermediate) slopes as connectors. I quickly saw that the truth was that there were NO greens and what I would later be told was no easy way down from that point. So we started down and I started noticing how everyone else seemed to be having a really easy time manuvering even some of the really powdery spots. Not long after, on the first big slope, all three of us took our first big falls and had some trouble getting up from the quicksand likt powder. After getting up I was a little shaken at how difficult it seemed in comparison to blues in the east...but determined to prove myself. I very quickly found myself buried in the powder with one ski comepletely burried and one sticking straight up with one pole in hand and the other about 4 feet above my head, out of reach. Every move seemed to dig me deeper into the powder, soft and beautiful as it was, it was my enemy as I struggled to get up, get my skiis off and climb the last 20 feet or so down the slope. Oh, and my other pole, well a nice young (maybe 11 year old) boy climbed up in his boots to retreive it for me while I struggled in the powder. What a sweetheart. I was considering leaving it there. :) This falling and getting up pattern continued for Cheri & I about 3 times on each slope until we finally reached the bottom and I told Cheri she could go home and tell her friends and family that she came to Utah, fell 2000 feet down a mountain and survived. hehe We were exhausted and spent for the day...making our way into the lodge to peel off the snow crusted layers and relax. And what about Ben? Well, we lost him after the 2nd or 3rd slope and he waited at the bottom for us for about 40 minutes. He says he fell a few times, but he really couldn't have been too bad b/c he wanted to make a few more runs on the bunny slopes before retiring for the day. I was really proud of him. It seems he is a natural skiier since he had been once in the alps and once in NY before this being his second time in Utah....Cheri & I had much more experience in Eastern skiing but that didn't count for much.

So we went home and were consoled by Rascal....and our friends at the dinner party we had that night....needless to say I was exhausted that week and still sore for a while.

Oh, I should tell you that I later found out that ski conditions that day were not ideal as it was snowing, was early enough in the season that there wasn't much grooming done (bumpy slopes), not all of the easier slopes were open and as beautiful as it was, that powder was not typical for intermediate slopes. That made me feel a little better...I'll be skiing again for the 2nd time in Utah this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. :) Pray for me to enjoy it as much as I used to. ;) haha

This is one of the many Christmas displays in downtown Ogden in December. This is rodeo cute. :) Just thought you might like to see a little bit of western Christmas spirit.

Later I'll post about our trip to PA for the holidays....I'll just say we had an absolutely WONDERFUL time with everyone. And we miss them all already!


Stephanie said...

Glad to see a post!!! It's about time =)

So sorry that I missed you on your trip home!!!

Gimme a call sometime soon, we should catch up!

136 Days until I'm a married woman!

Crystal said...

and we miss you too!!!!!!!

it was sooo nice to see you and get to catch up/hang out, even for the brief amount of time it lasted.

please, keep those snow stories coming!