Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Snow Day

So we both officially have today off anyway...but we've gotten about 8 more inches of snow. CRAZY! Ben is still really happy and claims that he doesn't mind all of the shoveling...we'll see if he stays that course as this year goes on. :)

This weekend we went sledding with Scott and Marissa and we have some pics to show you of the sledding hill. I want to put some videos up but have to figure that out first...any tips natta?

Scott, Ben & Marissa climbing the "hill".

This is a view of Pineview resevoir, only it is completely frozen over and covered in snow. There are lots of ice fishers though!

We stayed till after sunset. That is Snowbasin's peak that the sun is setting behind and completely blocking with it's gorgeous light!

This pic might give you a better idea of how steep the hill was, but don't worry the bank at the bottom was steep enough to keep the sleds from going over and into the road...that is if we even made it all the way down on the sled. :)

This was the view of the peak directly across from our sledding hill as the sun was starting to set and the shadows from the mountain we were on were casting through the valley and onto that peak. Pretty awesome to see in person...let us know when you are ready for it. :)

We also had a surprise visitor this weekend, an East Coast friend, someone who was in our wedding party and who was in town this weekend for business...any guesses? If you know what is happening in Utah this week and are familiar enough with those in our wedding party, you may be able to guess...I'll post with a pic later to confirm or deny your suspicions, but let me know if you have a guess. :) In the meantime we'll be deciding what to do with the rest of our snow day (besides petting cats). :):):)


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

hey esther! i've been peeking in on your blog from time to time (found a link from natalie's blog through denise's). looks like you guys live in an amazing place!! the sledding adventure looks like an absolute blast...quite a workout too, huh? looking forward to seeing more updates! ~nancy

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures!!! So who was the surprise visitor???

Crystal said...

you have no idea just HOW JEALOUS i am of all the snow! we've had a relatively snow-free winter here, much to my dismay...but it makes Jim happy, because it means no shoveling!