Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Snow, Christmas tree!!

Well, after a few dustings of snow in Sept (just strange) and a few more in Oct (tease), we finally got a good coating of snow in Ogden. It's great to enjoy the Christmas season.

Ogden puts up a huge lighted "Christmas Village" in the center of town. Local businesses create a themed cottage and they are spread out in the center park, amidst all the lighted trees. It's almost like the German Christmas markets, and is a lot of fun to take kids to.

The snow also came just when we wanted to go out and get our Christmas tree. So it was super exciting to go out to the farm and cut one down. Out here, you can also get a forest service permit for $10 to go out and cut one in the Wasatch backcountry. We'll probably do that next year. But for now, North Pole Pines was a great place to go.

The tree farm, with the Wasatch mountains in the background. (Pennsylvania mountains are really hills, Exhibit A)

"Eagle Eye Esther" picked out a great tree, and was dutiful enough to snap a few pictures of my butt as I cut it down.

Only 3 weeks left til we head back to PA!! We're excited to spend lots of time with family, get a real Yuengling, and dig some real Pennsylvania people.

Esther will get you caught up on Thanksgiving and other things. You can always count on me for snow updates.


Stephanie said...

You're coming back to PA in a couple of weeks?!?!?!?!??!?!?! *screams excitedly!* I hope you find some time to hang out with us Pilgrim folk. You HAVE to meet (my) Ben when you're here!!!!!!

Crystal said...

okay, i'll put it out there now: i really really wanna see you guys while you're in! so i certainly hope you're not so booked you can't fit in time to see us all! you are DEFINITELY missed out here!

Beth said...

So glad you're coming home! Can't wait to see you! Ogden has so much beauty- no wonder you moved there! Thanks for the snow updates, Ben.

Crystal said...

okay, so i cannot find your snail mail addie to send your christmas card! can you ship it my way at


Stephanie said...

yeah.. i need your address too.. getting them all together to get wedding invites put together.... Hard to believe it's coming up so quickly!!!

I guess I can just get it from Crystal too (I just wanted to post another comment to share the love)