Thursday, November 22, 2007

Your turn to comment!

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! We are at a friend's house today for dinner and fellowship with other people from church...So we'll blog about that later.

PLEASE tell us what you are thankful for today and why. We love your comments, so if you are reading this take a minute and let us know what you are thankful for today!

Love, Ben & Esther

PS Happy Birthday to Nikki Holler on Tuesday! We love you mom!


Beth said...

thankful for so many things... it's hard to pick just one...

thankful for YOU!!!

Crystal said...

most of all, thankful for my healthy baby! can't wait to see you guys in may!

Stephanie said...

So I've been thinking about this for a week (and more) now.

I have a LONG list of things to be thankful for, really. God has truly blessed me this year.. and not just me.

My friend Rochelle's having a baby girl in January. Jenn's having a baby boy in January. Dana's (my younger sister) getting married in March. Crystal is due in April. Valerie's having a baby girl in April. I'm getting married in May.

God is GOOD!

(Hope to hear from you soon!! It's been a long time!)