Sunday, November 18, 2007

Catching Up!!

Wow, time has been flying by!! With winter approaching, a lot of our time has been devoted to getting the house ready. Mainly, we had to blow a lot of new insulation up in the attic. Wow, lots of fun renting the blower from Lowes, getting absolutely covered in junk, and filling the house with lots of dust. But we're glad it's over, and now we can just do a few small things, like installing a ceiling fan, bathroom light/fan, and eventually we'll start remodeling the bathroom. Fun!!

October started out stormy, with lots of snow and cold, but towards the end it got beautiful and warm and has been so ever since. We enjoyed some hikes, seeing Pineview Resevoir and staying at a Bed and Breakfast for our anniversary on Oct 26th.

Pineview resevoir is a dammed up river, and somewhere around here is where Ogden gets its water. It's nice to know that your tap-water is really pure melted snow, but towards the end of summer it gets pretty low. In the picture below you can just see the peaks of Snowbasin ski resort poking up.

Harley and Rascal are anxiously awaiting visitors. Seriously, they're almost too friendly and will pounce on anybody's lap. But until guests arrive, they are good at entertaining themselves.

And, one last bit of official news: We have officially lost our proud PA license plate. I kind of thought that all the shy Utahns on the road were a bit wary of the mighty "Visit PA" plate we had on, but I guess it had to be done. I hope this doesn't mean that we start driving like Utahn's.

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Great pics as always!