Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sick Days

So my six weeks of working with kids caught up to me this week...I finally got a head cold. No fever to speak of, but groggy and tired and all that I took a sick day yesterday. There was nothing at all appealing about a one hour drive, seeing a couple of kids (friday is a half day for students) and then sitting in a meeting for the afternoon, and then driving home when I knew the whole time all I would be wanting was BED! So, bed i got. Rascal, Stella and Harley kept me company nearly all day in bed. Man do they have the life. They must do that everyday, but I wouldn't know as I am rarely home for an entire day. Nonetheless it was great to have company to pass the day with between naps and catching up on this season's episodes of Heroes. Plus, Stella really likes to keep my feet warm...what a sweety!

Ben came home yesterday feeling pretty crummy, so we spent the rest of the evening resting and then today are having a sick day together. We only have one more episode of commentary left on our netflix The Office Season 3 disc 3 to watch and then we will be watching it all again. we truly can't get there is last week's episode on to watch...but besides that I think we'll go out and get Ben the KFC he is craving for lunch and maybe rent a movie from Hollywood since we sent our other 2 netflix back yesterday...and just sleep.

We do covet your prayers that we would heal and be ready for work on Monday. I anticipate that we will...but prayer is always better than just hope alone.

Have a great weekend! Love you all! B & E


Stephanie said...

I hope you're both feeling better!!!! Fall is officially here in the East. It was chilly today and I've officially pulled out my sweaters!

Love you both! You're definately missed out here!

Kate said...

Hey thanks for the "comment." I'm not real good at updating, huh?! I should just email you. Is your email still that college one? Not Geneva but your Immaculata one (however that is spelled!!)
Hope you're both feeling better! It's no fun to be sick!!! boooo
Love ya! Nutter Butter

Darlene said...

Hope you two are feeling better -- glad to hear you are taking care of each other. I love to see how your place is coming together -- looks cozy. I know Bethany wants to come visit next summer. Miss you guys.

Beth said...

I MISS YOU SO MUCH! Yvonne and I are planning a trip out west to see you and Nat... Can't wait. Hope you're both feeling better today. I'll be updating my blog soon. Love ya!

Natalie said...

feel better soon. xoxoxo

Crystal said...

hope you're feeling better now! we think about you a lot!