Monday, October 8, 2007

Less Weather-Nerd Stuff!!!

HAHAHA I love teasing Ben about being a weather nerd b/c secretly is it a wonderful gift to always have someone to tell you the upcoming 5-10 day forecast for almost any relevant destination. :) Especially when you live in Utah and you have a 40 degree snowy Saturday followed by a gorgeously sunny 70 degree Monday.

Anyway, we need to update you on some of the work that has been going on around here. Today was Columbus day, which translates to "Government Lackie" day off. Ben swears he was thinking about Columbus all day while he was home fitting our new heating vents. Ok, Ben, whatever. ;)

So these pics were taken over this weekend when we totally cleaned up and organized to have our first official dinner party in the new house. We invited our pastor (Don Krafft) and his wife Elizabeth and son Owen as well as our dear friend Jim Cole to join us for Cheesesteaks and peach cobbler (frozen, Marie Callendar's-don't worry I haven't become THAT domestic yet!). The food was great and the company wonderful. We should have gotten pics of our guests but that was one thing that slipped my mind while they were here. So, we only have some of the house.

We added this IKEA kitchen counter for extra counter space and storage and it has been great!

This new bed was bought to replace our old IKEA bed in the new master bedroom, the IKEA bed will now be a new queen size guest bed when we get a new mattress and boxspring for it. We are going for a Shabby Chic look with slightly mismatched furniture that is all white (mostly b/c they make adult furniture so big, we had to get some kid size pieces to fit our smaller wall space).

This is the new light in our dining room that Ben installed for us. It is so pretty!!!!

The new front door we had installed makes a huge difference on the front of the house. Ben also took down the shutters and we plan to do new steps/driveway/porch in the next few years.

Our new dining room set, rug, light, with trim and curtains! A real formal dining room. No pool tables here! We are searching for the right hutch in which to display my family china.

This was the Dining Room only a month or so ago! What a difference!

Here is the Living Room not long ago, and below is the almost completely finished living room. We will switch out the light for a ceiling fan, fill those shelves with literature and put some things on the wall. We will need to find a TV cabinet/armoire too, but we'll wait on that till we do some other things that are more paint the kitchen!

Before we got a fireplace grate, we had to somehow keep the cats, aka rascal, from getting all sooty, hence the trashcan and boxes, but this was the fireplace before this weekend...and below is after Ben painted it for me and hung my star! How lovely! I think the ivory color of the fireplace and shelves (accented by the ivory star) sets it off as the true centerpiece of the room! I just can't wait to fill those shelves with Jane Austen and other literary greats! Oh, and I guess a few photos of loved ones...I guess. hehe

No, seriously, I can't wait to paint our hallway either b/c I definitely plan to make it a photo gallery of family and friends to show off and to remind us of how loved we are and how blessed we are to love so many!

Keep in touch, let us know what you are up to and we will keep blogging. Next time I will fill you in on our neighbors...and, OH YES, stay tuned for pics of the infamous Johhny B!!!


Paul & Heather Miller said...

Esther! It's so good to hear from you. Sorry it's taken me (Heather) so long to get back to you. Life has been crazy lately. Have you checked out our blog recently? If not, you should. :)
Your home is beautiful. Seems like Utah is suiting you two well.
Hey, my "spamable" email is Email me there and I'll give you my "real" email address. I don't want to leave my almost spam-free email account here for everyone to see. :)I'd LOVE to hear from you!! Take it easy and talk to you later.

Stephanie said...

You guys the house looks GREAT!! Even better than when I was there.... I'm so glad that you're happy there and as much as we all miss you here (and we REALLY do!) I'm really glad you're finding your own home and place there together. I hope I can see you again soon (& you have to meet my future husband!)

Love to you (and the 3 cats!)