Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Although Ben & I have very fond memories of trick or treating as kids, niether of us has ever gotten into dressing up as adults. That may change when we have kids of our own...we'll have to wait and see on that one. Anyway, it was a blast being at an elementary school for the parties and parade today. I saw a lot of Spiderman and vampires and witches, one Hermoine (my personal favorite), a few fairy princesses, some ninjas and even a teenage mutant ninja turtle or two. At our house it was a bit of a letdown. I thought that living in town and being on a corner we would get hit like crazy. I only bought enough candy for up to 80 kids at one a piece...and it is 7:15 and we still have well over half! We have started giving multiples to kids. (oh, we just had a Jasmine and a kitty kat-I was reminded of how my sister Kate always wanted to be a cat for halloween and how my mom bought small pieces of fake fur and sewed them onto a black sweatsuit for her one cute, and she made a great cat with her round cheeks) So I'm a little bummed that we have had so few kids but oh well. Our neighbors aren't really into few lights on and we only saw a couple of neighborhood kids. Johnny B, our infamous neighbor boy is Spiderman, his mom is Scream. The boy across the corner is a pimp (nice) and his buddy a wrestler (mask & jeans on skateboard). We had a car pull up with two women and a little boy dressed as a lizard who asked to park by our yard b/c they wanted to trick or treat "up here"...meaning they are afraid of danger (gang activity in the lower neighborhoods). Although we usually scoff a bit at people's calling Ogden a ghetto since we are from Philly, for some this is real fear and true danger. We welcomed this little troupe to our street and gave them their first candy. The little lizard was only 3 or 4. So cute.

Meanwhile, Rascal has sat at the door all night trying to figure out how to get outside to where all the action is. We sat on our porch till it got too cold and he sat right inside the full glass storm door meowing and jumping at the door trying to get us to let him out. He seemed fascinated by the groups of kids and lights and noise. You would really swear that cat is a dog the way he loves people and wants to be around them all the time.

So Happy First Halloween to our little pumpkin nephew Logan. And a shout out to Jake and Victoria who I know went to a party as Superman and Wonderwoman-who were never a couple, as Jake explained to me. And to all of you who are clever enough and brave enough to dress up as adults in silly costumes...Happy Halloween!


Crystal said...

Happy Halloween to you guys! We had a disappointing turnout this year too. And, it saddens me to see the lack of creativity with costumes. Nieva was just as excited as a child herself every time the doorbell rang! Hope you guys are doing well!

Beth said...

We only had 2 trick-or-treaters! Can you believe that? So did you do any pumpkin carving? Do you remember when we did that in college? Fun times, fun times... : )